About Us

About us

Signum.AI helps personalize the email and LinkedIn cold outreach by collecting a wealth of data on prospect activity and generate sequences.

We integrate external data vendors and collect our proprietary data to help clients determine who, when, and what to write so that the prospect is most likely to convert into a demo call or sale.

Key problems that our project solves:

1. Personalization requires tracking more and more events with your buyer personas

– You need to track 15-25 different behavior activities for high-quality personalization
– 80-90% of your prospects’ data in CRM becomes outdated every year
– Vendors supply general data, which makes it challenging to work with specific niches

2. You need to use more and more sales tools

– Most sales tech stacks have between 7 and 10 tools
– Only 10-15% of the capacity of each tool is used
– $10-$20k per month spends to buy tools and train staff to use them

How our project solves these problems

– We select and check data vendors
– We connect vendors to our platform + collect our data
– We set up automation

How it works

Clients upload their prospect list, or we collect prospects based on ICP. Next, we track prospects and choose which events are triggered for us. If a trigger event happens, the relevant sequence is launched.


For VC funds, we can track all YC alums and catch the following events:
a. Prospect changes the position or company on LinkedIn,
b. Prospect starts actively following investors.

As a trigger event happens, you see a notification in your account. It is an option to connect outreach tools, such as Lemlist, and start sending pre-prepared sequences.

Join us if you’re open to new ways of building relationships that benefit you most.