About Us

Due to the new privacy policy released by Apple, targeting gets poor, and only 9% of the relevant audience sees your ads. Low conversions, increase in CAC and drop in sales. This is how things are today.

But not for those using Signum.AI. We developed a solution that helps companies adjust to the cruel post-cookie reality, run efficient ad campaigns and cut costs per customer acquisition.

First, we collect micro-segmented audiences using data provided by reliable data vendors and the entity embeddings method. All data is hashed, and we ensure differential privacy and 100% compliance. Second, we generate high-converting ad creatives using GPT models trained on 5M high-performed campaigns in the niche.

As a result, the hyper-targeted audience sees the relevant offer, CTR increases, and marketing teams cut time for starting and scaling Facebook ad campaigns. All you need is a single easy-to-navigate platform.