Top Lead Generation Solutions: 10 Market-Smashing AI-Based Tools in 2021


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If you are looking for a better way to generate, qualify and convert leads, AI-powered tools might be your best choice. They can help you with each of the lead generation stages or even transform the whole process, making it more data-driven, systematic and automated. This means that your decisions are never made blindfolded and are well-tested.

These days, new lead generation AI software is popping up like mushrooms after rain — there are heaps of tools for any marketing and sales team to choose from. However, there is still quite a bit of speculation as to which tools are best for any particular task or business. So as not to be too stunned by the variety of choices and not to waste precious time testing them all in search of a good place to start, we are here to update you about the best, most up-to-date options worth trying. So keep reading!

1. Signum.AI

If you are worn out by getting poor-quality leads, you might try Signum.AI. This AI-powered software will detect warm audiences, divide them into micro-segments and even create high-performing content that will target those audiences in the best way possible. The result? You get up to 20,000 tried and tested profiles that are potentially interested in buying your products and ready-to-use ad creatives.

How? Long story short, Signum uses an entity-embedded method that selects prospects based on the content they consume. For example, if you are a company selling 100% sustainable goods, your ideal customer might be the one who is passionate about the environment. For AI software, finding your ideal customers is simple. For example, it will look for prospects that watch docu-series and read articles about eco-friendly living.


With Albert, no lead will be left behind. It uses the existing successful sales data to predict the characteristics and behavioral patterns that led to a sale. Having this information, algorithms target the audience that is more likely to buy.

Moreover, it works across various platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and more to track down what works best for you and maximize your performance across and within these channels.


This software is an excellent example of a knowledgeable and wholly automated sales and marketing assistant that engages in real-time conversations with your leads (through email, website chat, and SMS) to gather necessary contact information. But it doesn’t stop there. After the contacts are collected, it qualifies them based on specific triggers and levels of their engagement to determine whether they are ready to buy or not and also estimates the associated degree of certainty.

And finally, if and when qualified leads are ready to talk to sales, it loops in sales and books a meeting or a demo (depending on your desired outcome).

4. Prospex

The Prospex motto is “finding your ideal customers, whoever they may be.” And it should come as no surprise that with AI, it can do it in no time and with minimal effort from you! The great thing is that it aligns sales and marketing efforts, delivering specifically tailored leads that meet your objectives and offering leads to your sales pros that have a higher chance of completing.

The algorithm is simple — you provide the data, AI builds your ideal customer profile (or DNA, as they call it), searches for clients who match your client DNA and boom! They are delivered to you warm a ready-to-go! On top of that, as with any AI-powered software, the more you use it, the better it performs over time.

5. Growbots

Growbots is another example of software that can find ideal customer profiles to match your niche within minutes. You simply input your requirements, and AI does the rest. Growbots generates a list of prospects that have true potential to become your customers. No more manual cherry-picking without sacrificing quality!

Unlike the two previous tools, it will also reach out to prospects automatically with targeted email campaigns.

6. is a great way to find leads AND speed up the sales process. To do so, it combines several AI-based tools. First, it helps you find email addresses online. Second, with the help of trigger events, it automatically adds prospects to your lists and segments them so that you can personalize at scale. And third, based on this information, it will assist in creating outbound email sequences that will boost your sales.

7. Lusha

Lusha is undoubtedly a gem for B2B companies. With this software, you can do almost anything, from locating qualified and accurate B2B prospects that match your criteria to smartly sorting and reaching them using the most comfortable channels.

Perhaps most importantly, all prospecting is done according to specified laws and regulations, so you are not ghosting anyone.

8. D&B Hoovers

With access to more than 200M+ business records, Hoovers becomes a powerful B2B sales acceleration tool that can find prospects within any industry niche. Be aware that it’s not just about generating a simple, static list of companies. Hoovers provides you with detailed information and updates about any changes 24/7 so you can plan your future communications strategically, advance your selling process and make adjustments as necessary!

9. Leady

Leady is another AI-based software tool that will boost your B2B lead generation. Unlike D&B (the previous tool), it does it by recognizing the corporate visitors that visit your corporate website and reporting them back to you with a full company and personal profile.

The good thing about it is these audiences are already warm as they were interested in your business and even checked out your website. It’s not a smart move to lose their interest, is it?

10. Landbot

Last but not least, Landbot is a lead generation tool that helps generate leads by keeping up human-like conversations with your website visitors using an AI-powered chat bot. This bot uses AI to learn from previous conversations between consumers and your reps. With this information, the bot can answer questions, understand what a good lead looks like, generate leads from visits, capture data, and personalize client journeys in real-time.

And if you want to dive deeper into the benefits of chatbots and choose the right approach to fit your goals, check our complete list of top-notch chatbots!

To Sum Up

As you see, with AI-based lead generation software, you can develop a never-ending stream of prospects that turn into customers. And we hope that our article helped you narrow down the list of tools to try out and choose the ones that are best for your strategy.

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