Find Tons of Target Accounts Interested
in Your Products and Services Right Now

Embrace the limitless power of AI: collect and engage highly relevant audiences, get intent data
in real time, improve targeting, boost your ABM campaigns.

Platform features

Collect Intent Data 24/7

We analyze 1,5B+ web sources in real time
so that you know when your target accounts are most likely to purchase your products
and services. Make your offers as relevant
as possible and identify the best moment
to start ad campaigns.

Investigate Unique Data Sources

Don’t limit yourself to job boards, LinkedIn,
and other ordinary websites or social media. We collect information from dozens of exclusive data sources, and you can always expand this list.

Empower Your Marketing
Tech Stack

Instead of replacing ineffective marketing tools with new ones, the same useless, empower your MarTech stack with Buyer Intent Data. Get the most out of your software and boost ABM and demand generation campaigns.

All Data Is Clean, Verified,
and 100% GDPR Compliant

We carefully pick info sources to analyze,
clean and verify data, and check it several times before sending it to customers. You can be 100% sure of the quality and reliability
of the data collected.

Check out how it works

You set the criteria

Together with our analysts, you set criteria to search the target accounts by and triggers that we’ll track in real time.


AI searches for relevant audiences

We set the algorithms and collect audiences. We never use ready-to-go databases and always build new lists of accounts for each customer to ensure the data is 100% relevant.


You enjoy tons of target accounts

We provide you with the lists
of hyper-relevant target accounts in any way you prefer the most.
For example, we can send you
a Google sheet or upload
it directly to your CRM. Buyer Intent Data empowers your MarTech stack and provides you with plenty of marketing opportunities. Using our AI, you can collect relevant and accurate intent data in real time, enrich ABM and demand generation campaigns, and multiply your revenue.

Explore our customers’ success stories

Juliya Bayrasheva

Social Media Ads Manager

We had experience with's tools while working on the ad campaign for Red Bull, which is one of our clients. The company's solution helped us to parse the audience on Instagram and Facebook, and the results of the ad campaign were truly impressive – the CTR did almost double! Many thanks to for their high-quality and efficient work.

Initial CTR 0.82%

1.54 %

Average CTR achieved with

Alex Kondrashtina

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

Collaborating with was very fruitful – we used the team’s solution to enhance our baby food ad campaign. While parsing the audience (mothers of children under one y.o.), specialists working at have elaborated several hypotheses on how to find relevant accounts on Instagram and also run A/B testing to find out what hypothesis worked the best. As a result, we managed to increase the CTR and the number of orders significantly.

Initial CTR 1.02%

1.72 %

Average CTR achieved with

Aleksey Kuklin

СEO & President of the European Office

When engineers, mathematicians, analysts, and marketing specialists get together, there is a high chance of creating an excellent and advanced product.’s team has managed to produce such a one. We have been working with the company for a while, using their solution to make our ad campaigns more efficient. Each month, we parse the audience and run over 50 A/B tests to enhance our ABM-campaigns. The results have been fascinating so far. And there is so much more to come.


A/B tests per month

Serge Milman

Managing Partner at Starta Ventures

It's not often that you get a chance to meet a team who is so in tune regarding the tech behind their product and so focused on the efficient execution of said tech. Getting the most out of the AI and big data analysis, has created a great solution that we use to find new investors for our fund and send them hyper-personalized offers. As a result, we have fueled our pipeline with over 270+ high-quality leads in a few months.


leads in the pipeline

Julia Proisteva

Head of Digital Marketing

For a couple of months, we have been using solutions to optimize our ad campaigns and collect prospects to outreach in the verticals – hemp and pharma. So far, we are more than delighted with the result. Thanks to the team for the individual approach and 24/7 support. With such a toolkit, we have been filling our pipeline with qualified leads, which is $150k+ of the total revenue.

Attracted new leads bringing over

$150 000+ Buyer Intent Data will help you to

Get intent data in real time

Make your offers as relevant as possible

Automate lead generation

Identify your total addressable market

Boost your ABM and demand generation campaigns

Discover new marketing opportunities and boost your revenue

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