Power your growth with robust competitive insights | Signum.ai

Power your growth with robust competitive insights

Monitor your competitor's marketing strategies and budgets, track how their influencer and ad
campaigns are performing and stay ahead of the curve with AI-powered intelligence tool

Find out what your competitors are doing

Analyze your competitors influencer campaigns

Snoop on your competitors’ influencer campaigns, know what influencers your competitors are engaging, what creative content they produce and how the audience is engaging with their content.

Understand which social platforms are delivering the most impact for your competitors and get a report on their campaigns on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Track your competitors ad campaigns

Understand how your competitors are performing across paid strategies and ad campaigns on social media. Analyze and find out what audiences were reached during a competitor ad campaign and how they reacted.

Get insights into best and least performing competitors ad campaigns. Track your competitors audience metrics - the audience size and quality of audience reached during the campaigns.

Understand your audience with visual insights

Learn your audience and get in-depth analysis of their behaviours with visual insights. Know what your customers wear, eat and what they do.

Our algorithm based on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services can recognize brand logos, activities and surroundings on content published in social media and feed the insights to your team.

Understand competitors budget spent

Get insights on the estimated budget spent and the performance of their investments. Understand competitive behaviors and learn from their strategies. Access your competitors performance across organic and paid strategies and engagement metrics for all influencer and organic social content.

Get an in-depth analysis of the most recent competitor's coverage and activities across various social media channels.

Check out how it works
You provide input
You provide our team with the input and set goals that you’d like to achieve with the competitive intelligence and our platform.
Our AI monitors competitors and analyzes data
Our smart algorithm collects and analyzes data in real time across various social media channels.
You get in-depth reports
You get an in-depth report with analysis of the most recent competitor's coverage and activities across various social media channels.
Understand how your competitors perform on social media and uncover actionable
insights to guide your strategy with Signum.ai Competitive Intelligence.
Explore Our Customer Success Stories
IceRock Development
IceRock Development, a leading software development firm, wanted to expand to the new markets and find more customers in the new regions. They used LeadsFinder to identify potential customers and saw a 60% increase in revenue during the pilot.
SharpLase Sales Team used Leads Finder to identify potential leads and get instant notifications when people were looking for their products. With the help of Leads Finder they were able to increase the volume of sales by 22%.
Starta Ventures
Starta Ventures, a seed stage fund located in New York, used Leads Finder to support their scouting activities and to discover early-stage startups from all across Europe that recently saw a spike in growth.
The benefits of Competitive Intelligence
Reveal competitor strategy and understand their marketing tactics
Increase your share of influence
Optimise your influencer campaigns for success
Automate your market research
Launch effective ad campaigns
Drive your marketing and product strategy with market insights

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