Audience parsing for Red Bull

The campaign focused on gamers (mainly Counter-Strike players)

25 Sep 2020

Initial CTR 0.82%

1.54 %

Average CTR achieved

Campaign goals

Goal 1

Get more registrations for the competition via banners.

Goal 2

Encourage people to scan QR codes printed on the bills to get extra bonuses in the game.

Steps taken by

1) Finding the most active key opinion leaders (KOL) in the gaming industry: gamers, commentators, and
relevant accounts.

2) Selecting accounts standing out by three criteria:
– the highest engagement rate (ER);
– frequency of posting;
– frequency of being tagged by other accounts.

3) Classifying KOLs:

4) Analyzing KOLs accounts matching these criteria:
– following at least 2 KOLs;
– being active in KOLs’ profiles in the last month (likes, comments, reposts);
– keeping an account active (posting, replying to comments, etc.);
– games are the prevailing interest.

Extra value

The screenshots of the shooter games were giving extra value to the accounts.

Final results

Average CTR, achieved due to collaborating with 1,54%

Initial average CTR: 0,82%

Happy review



Best CTR


Strategies suggested

20 000

Accounts collected

We had experience with's tools while working on the ad campaign for Red Bull, which is one of our clients. The company's solution helped us to parse the audience on Instagram and Facebook, and the results of the ad campaign were truly impressive – the CTR did almost double! Many thanks to for their high-quality and efficient work.

Juliya Bayrasheva

Social Media Ads Manager