Use Case for Real Estate

Learn how our tool helped attract investors and new buyers for real estate by identifying and engaging with potential clients effectively.

08 Jul 2024

Results for 3 months:


calls were booked

Campaign Overview: We conducted a comprehensive outreach campaign for the real estate sector. We assisted in gathering targeted prospect lists and set up tracking for intent signals, such as location changes and job promotions.

Location changes indicate an interest in investing in new real estate, while job promotions suggest additional salary and extra funds for investment.

Based on these intent signals, we executed personalized outreach via LinkedIn and email.

Steps Involved:

1. Prospect List Compilation: We compiled a list of high-potential prospects in the real estate industry using advanced data tools and market research.

2. Intent Signal Tracking: We implemented tracking mechanisms to capture intent signals from these prospects, focusing on location changes and job promotions.

3. Personalized Outreach: Utilizing the collected intent signals, we crafted and sent personalized messages via LinkedIn and email, ensuring high relevance and engagement.


Total Prospects Reached: 2850
LinkedIn Responses: 158
Email Responses: 47
Average Email Response Rate: 3.5%
Average LinkedIn Response Rate: 23.1%
Qualified Leads: Over 45, including more than 22 calls and 12 demo requests.