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Enable your sales, marketing, product, and executive teams with tools for automation and real-time, actionable insights powered by AI and predictive data.
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Stay ahead of the market, spot early trends and make data-driven decisions on your marketing, sales and business development strategies with the power of AI and predictive data.
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the ideal influencerswith the audience you targeting.
Receive instant notifications about the activity of your market competitors.
Be instantly notified of key events in your market:
from new vacancies and personnel changes to deals and tenders.
Why Signum.ai?
1M+ data sources
We track 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources to predict which trends are emerging and which have reached their peak.
Real-time insights
We provide real-time insights within minutes so that you can stay ahead of the game and capitalize on trends when the time is right.
Superior Intelligence
We combine artificial intelligence and a team of analytics to filter out the noise and outline key insights and trends.
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“Signum.ai is seriously my new favorite tool to keep track of emerging trends and tools.”
Brandon Uttley
Founder and CEO - Go For Launch
“I use Signum.ai, daily, to spot current trends and search for promising startups. Good implementation, proper presentation, and high-quality analytics make this product stand out.“
Serge Milman
Managing Partner at Starta Ventures
“Just got your latest report, awesome! I like what you guys do.“
Bram Kanstein
Early-stage startup expert teaching nocodemvp.
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IceRock Development
IceRock Development, a leading software development firm, wanted to expand to the new markets and find more customers in the new regions. They used LeadsFinder to identify potential customers and saw a 60% increase in revenue during the pilot.
SharpLase Sales Team used Leads Finder to identify potential leads and get instant notifications when people were looking for their products. With the help of Leads Finder they were able to increase the volume of sales by 22%.
Starta Ventures
Starta Ventures, a seed stage fund located in New York, used Leads Finder to support their scouting activities and to discover early-stage startups from all across Europe that recently saw a spike in growth.