Track your competitor's activities and updates with competitive intelligence
Power your growth with robust competitive insights
Monitor your competitor's activities and updates to stay ahead of the curve with AI-powered intelligence platform
Platform features
Track your competitor's activities and digital footprint
Capture, analyze, and leverage competitor’s insights from website updates to new product launches, SEO improvements and mentions in the media with our powerful AI solution. Enhance your marketing, strategic planning and product development strategies with the real-time thorough competitive analysis.

Monitor a competitor’s entire digital footprint, on or off their website. Know when your competitions identified new effective SEO strategies, improved their online presence and visibility or their search rankings. Find out when they changed their product content on the website, key messaging, updated pricing, upgraded design or created new web pages.
Identify new competitors
Keep pulse on the market. Get notified about the new companies and product launches in your market. Learn from your competition.

Share insights with your teams, analyze them and decide on your next move. Our algorithms crawl millions of different sources 24/7, from media and news to job boards, and have access to the largest business networks and databases. Thus you get the most accurate and in-depth insights.
Monitor company blogs and social media accounts
Analyze competitor's content strategy and capture new content in their blog and social media. Analyze how your competitors are engaging the target audiences and the performance of their content with our in-depth analytics.

Understand how your competitors are working with key opinion leaders or influencers and how their content and influencer campaigns are performing. Leverage our competitor’s analytics to know what your competition is up to and which influencers are talking about them.
Marketing activities and email campaigns
Get alerts and analysis on product/messaging changes and marketing campaign launches. Know what webinars, events, email campaigns or other marketing activities your competitors do and how well they perform. Decide

Do you want to know what your competitors say in their emails and newsletters? Track marketing and inbound sales campaigns to learn about the pricing changes, special offers and other things.
Monitor media coverage and content
Track competitor's mentions in social media and news publications. See how your competition is doing when it comes to media visibility.

Monitor what your competitors are publishing across the web. Track a company’s share of voice across news and blogs. See the topics that are engaging the audience.
Hiring and staff updates
Monitor the job openings to get insights on what your competitors are up to. Find out about the changes to the executive team and key personnel joining or leaving the company.your competitors are publishing across the web. Track a company’s share of voice across news and blogs. See the topics that are engaging the audience.
Check out how it works
You provide input
You provide our team with the input and set goals that you’d like to achieve with the competitive intelligence and our platform. We analyze your requirements and work with you to do an initial set up.
Our AI monitors competitors and analyzes data
Our smart algorithm tracks 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources to monitor your competitors moves.
You get competitive insights
Simply access competitive insights from your dashboard or get an email report weekly or monthly at your preference.
Stay ahead of your competition and gain your market share. Automate your competitive analysis and amplify your business intelligence with our smart AI tool for Competitive Intelligence.
Explore Our Customer Success Stories
IceRock Development
IceRock Development, a leading software development firm, wanted to expand to the new markets and find more customers in the new regions. They used LeadsFinder to identify potential customers and saw a 60% increase in revenue during the pilot.
SharpLase Sales Team used Leads Finder to identify potential leads and get instant notifications when people were looking for their products. With the help of Leads Finder they were able to increase the volume of sales by 22%.
Starta Ventures
Starta Ventures, a seed stage fund located in New York, used Leads Finder to support their scouting activities and to discover early-stage startups from all across Europe that recently saw a spike in growth.
The benefits of Competitive Intelligence
Reveal competitor strategy and understand their marketing tactics
Drive your marketing and product strategy with market insights
Identify effective SEO strategies
Identify topics and themes that can inspire your content plan
Strengthen your competitive messaging
Launch effective ad campaigns
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