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Platform features

Advanced Influencer Search

Our algorithm analyzes 1,000,000,000+ of social media profiles to identify influencers (from micro to macro) across all social networks with your target audience.

With more networks and data points than any other influencer platform, our Influencer’s Discovery allows you to search for relevant influencers and helps you understand your influencer’s audience to ensure they align with your brand.

Analyze Influencer’s Content and Audience

Leverage our advanced analysis of the influencer’s content to find relevant topics and posts. Gain insights and analyze their historical performance, engagement rates, content that had most engagement and more.

Get in-depth analysis of the influencer’s audience demographics like age, gender, race, income level, location, marital status, areas of interest of your influencer’s followers etc.

Check for audience intersection

With Influencer Discovery tool you can compare influencer audience’s and see if they intersect to ensure you don’t pay twice for the same customers.

Find your ideal influencers across all social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok and blogs.

Custom selection of top influencers for maximum ROI and performance

Our AI will build the perfect influencer list for your next campaign. We’ll do a custom search and selection of influencers that meet your criteria and budget and will generate the highest performance and CTR.

Get personalized recommendations and a list of influencers in any industry, any country, on any topic in minutes with our AI-powered software.

Analysis of the influencer campaigns

Analyze the efficiency of your influencer campaigns and gain better insights on the performance, audience engagement and gauge consumer interest with the latest deep learning algorithms.

Measure your campaign’s performance and find out which influencers in your campaigns and what content performs best.

Plan your influencer campaign budget

Our team of analysts will help you plan your influencer campaign budget needed to cover your target audience and reach your KPIs with the help of AI and predictive analytics.

Gain competitive insights

Understand how your competitors are working with influencers and how their content and influencer campaigns are performing.

Leverage our competitor’s analytics to know what your competition is up to and which influencers are talking about them.

Check out how it works

You provide input
You provide our team with the input and set goals that you’d like to achieve with your influencer outreach and our platform. We analyze your requirements and work with you to do an initial set up.
Our AI collects and matches influencers
Let our intelligent solution search through millions of social media profiles to select the perfect influencers for you and build a list for your next campaign.
You get influencer recommendations and lists
Generate as many influencer searches as you’d like. Simply access the lists of influencers matched for you by AI in your dashboard or easely export lists to either CSV or Excel.
Influencer Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to tell your brand story. However, there are thousands of new influencers emerging and it’s very tricky to find the right one. Get matched with the most relevant influencers to represent your brand and maximize your ROI with Influencer Discovery.
Explore Our Customer Success Stories
IceRock Development
IceRock Development, a leading software development firm, wanted to expand to the new markets and find more customers in the new regions. They used LeadsFinder to identify potential customers and saw a 60% increase in revenue during the pilot.
SharpLase Sales Team used Leads Finder to identify potential leads and get instant notifications when people were looking for their products. With the help of Leads Finder they were able to increase the volume of sales by 22%.
Starta Ventures
Starta Ventures, a seed stage fund located in New York, used Leads Finder to support their scouting activities and to discover early-stage startups from all across Europe that recently saw a spike in growth.
The benefits of trend analysis
Save hours of searches and find the right influencers quickly
Get list of of verified only accounts for fraud activities and fake followers
Amplify your influencer outreach and maximize the ROI
Increase your brand loyalty by targeting your perfect audience

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