Amplify your influencer with AI-powered influencer intelligence platform
We will select influencers
with the audience you targeting
Tell us about your business and get a selection of Twitter, Instagram, Telegram
and TikTok influencers with the most relevant audience every two weeks.
Platform features
Accurate definition of content topics
Find your target audience with in-depth analytics of published content.
Detailed portrait of the audience
Create a detailed portrait of the influencer’s audience: interests, habits and patterns of behaviour.
Demographics and language
Find out where the audience lives. What gender and age those people are, and what language they speak.
Engagement and activity
Find influencers with the highest engagement rate (ER) and audience activity.
Check out how it works
Our AI analyzes influencers
Our algorithms analyze more than 2 million influencers on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok and Twitch while creating their audience’s portrait.
Our marketers form a selection
Our marketers double-check the AI and make selections for you according to specified criteria
You get a list of relevant influencers
Every two weeks you get an email with a selection of the most relevant influencers with a suitable audience.
With you’ll reduce the time it takes to find the right influencers and increase the effectiveness of your ads campaigns. Professional analysts’ skills enhanced by artificial intelligence are there to help you.
The benefits of trend analysis
Launch products that the market really needs
Make profitable investment decisions
Create viral ad campaigns
Build productive go-to-market strategies
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Perfect for individuals willing to stay up-to-date with the trends in the world.
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