Get targeted leads from social media with Leads Finder |
Get targeted leads from social media with Leads Finder
Generate new customers and identify new leads from social media postings:
get instant notifications when people are looking for products or services that you offer.
Platform features
Find sales opportunities in social media
Our AI crawls major social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit 24/7 and identifies sales opportunities for you with messages like "Looking for Social Media Marketing Agency. Please reach out to me" or "I'm having problems with Y again. Anyone know any solid alternatives?", where Y is your main competitor.

Millions of people make posts on their social media looking for recommendations on the services, products, subcontractors or alternatives to your competitor’s products. With Leads Finder you can track posts like that and get leads with no marketing budget.
Automate the search and filter out the noise
Until now, you had to manually search for posts on social media using keywords. Not anymore. Leads Finder delivers relevant posts straight to your inbox.

Automate your monitoring of queries from social media and posting alerts with the power of AI. Easy to get started - set up keywords for search. Dead simple.
Engage in conversations and acquire new leads
Whether you’re interested in B2B customers who are looking for your services on their social media or a brand selling their products, you can use Leads Finder to discover relevant posts using the custom keywords and mentions of your or your competitor’s services or products.

Get notified on the new posts from targeted leads in your inbox or from your personal dashboard and start engaging with your potential leads by replying to the public thread or reaching out directly.
Check out how it works
Find your category
Choose your category and filter out the relevant posts using keywords.
Our AI crawls social media
Our AI scans Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin 24/7 and provides links to the posts of people looking for your services or products.
You get targeted leads
You get notifications with a pipeline of potential customers' queries via email or on a dashboard. Now it's time for you to engage them and build connections.
We're sure you’re heard that social media can help grow your brand and drive conversions, but are you aware that your social media accounts can be a fully functional sales channel that drives revenue? The important question is, how you can find potential customers' queries and know that someone is already looking for your services.
The benefits of Leads Finder
Leverage an additional sales channel
Engage with your potential prospects
Automate your search on social media and get leads straight to your inbox
Increase your brand awareness
Available options
Perfect for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers and small teams.
Monitoring queries and relevant posts from social media
Custom keyword search and filters
Export leads
Posting alerts