Fill your sales pipeline with quality leads |

Fill your sales pipeline with quality leads

Our powerful AI solution for smart sales will automate your sales prospecting and
build a complete list of hyper-targeted leads that fit your target customer profile

Platform features

B2B Lead Research Made Simple

Does lead or customer research take too much time? Automate your list building and prospecting with our smart tool for sales teams.

Leads Finder is an AI-driven platform that gathers and matches the leads for you and provides you more quantity and quality leads to connect with. With Leads Finder you can spend less time researching, and more time selling.

Identify the Best Sales Leads

No more cluttering your database with non-relevant companies and wasting time on targeting companies that don’t fit your customer criteria or are not ready to buy.

Surface your high potential leads - those who exhibit sales-ready buying signals and behaviors. Leads Finder will fill your pipeline with new leads that match your ideal customer profile and filter leads by industry, geography, revenue, employee count, and more. Identify most relevant leads based on the buying signals, hiring updates or other data points relevant for your sales team.

Access Exclusive Company Data

Access the world’s largest database of companies (200M and growing), synthesized from the entire web by our AI system. Leads Finder algorithms crawl millions of different sources 24/7, from media and news to job boards, and have access to the largest business networks and databases. Thus you get accurate prospecting lists with the most rich and extensive business data and up-to-date insights.

Example: Build a list of companies that are hiring for support roles who are most likely interested in customer support software. Or build a list of e-commerce companies with annual revenue above $1M with 500-1,000 employees that recently expanded their operations.

Lead Prioritization & CRM Enrichment

Drive higher email open rates and spark more meaningful conversations with prospects with personalized sales and marketing communications. Get signals like new startups, financing updates, job openings, new partnerships, product launches and more to run personalized outreach campaigns.

Automate your CRM enrichment. Prequalify leads 3 times faster. Prioritize and score prospects based on the buying signals, hiring updates or other data points.

Check out how it works
You provide input
You provide our team with your ideal customer profile (ICP) and data input. We analyze your requirements and work with you to add additional data points to your buyer profile.
Our AI collects and matches leads
Let our intelligent solution search through millions of businesses, segment business profiles, enrich the lists with the relevant data and deliver only quality leads to your team.
You get target lists
You receive fresh leads monthly or at your preferred frequency via API directly to your CRM, in a spreadsheet or in your dashboard.
Cut the costs and countless hours that’s taking for your team to prospect the leads and
enrich your CRM. Acquire targeted leads for your sales team that are more likely to turn
into valuable customers and make sales success inevitable with Leads Finder.
Explore Our Customer Success Stories
IceRock Development
IceRock Development, a leading software development firm, wanted to expand to the new markets and find more customers in the new regions. They used LeadsFinder to identify potential customers and saw a 60% increase in revenue during the pilot.
SharpLase Sales Team used Leads Finder to identify potential leads and get instant notifications when people were looking for their products. With the help of Leads Finder they were able to increase the volume of sales by 22%.
Starta Ventures
Starta Ventures, a seed stage fund located in New York, used Leads Finder to support their scouting activities and to discover early-stage startups from all across Europe that recently saw a spike in growth.
The benefits of Leads Finder
Automate & grow your sales pipeline
Automate your CRM Enrichment
Cut your costs for prospecting and marketing
Export data to your CRM via API or to the Excel
Score and pre qualify leads faster
Find out who’s most likely going to buy from you

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