Tracking Trends -> Finding Product Ideas


To utilize Signum.AI for monitoring market trends and identifying current customer needs and potential new features for product development.


1. Access the Market Trends Database:

  • Use Signum.AI to gain access to a comprehensive database of market trends.
  • Ensure the database includes trends relevant to your industry and areas of interest.

2. Receive Notifications of New Trends:

  • Set up Signum.AI to send alerts for emerging trends and popular topics in the market.
  • Specify keywords related to your industry and product to receive relevant notifications.

3. Gather Information on Current Needs:

  • Analyze the trends and data provided by Signum.AI to understand the current needs and demands in the market.
  • Use this information to brainstorm and validate new product ideas or features that address these needs.


By leveraging Signum.AI to monitor market trends and gather insights on emerging needs, you can generate and validate new product ideas. This approach ensures your product development efforts are aligned with current market demands, increasing the chances of success.


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