Tracking Trends -> Personalizing sales messages


To utilize Signum.AI for tracking trends and identifying the current interests of companies and decision-makers, enabling the creation of personalized outreach messages.


1. Add Companies and Individuals to Tracking:

  • Use Signum.AI to compile a list of target companies and key decision-makers.
  • Ensure the list is comprehensive and relevant to your industry and sales goals.

2. Receive Notifications of New Events:

  • Set up Signum.AI to send alerts for specific events such as job openings, product launches, or changes in leadership.
  • Specify keywords related to your product or service to ensure you receive relevant notifications.

3. Gather Information on Current Needs:

  • Analyze the alerts and data provided by Signum.AI to understand the current needs and interests of the company or decision-maker.
  • Use this information to craft personalized messages that address these specific needs or interests.


Scenario: You receive an alert from Signum.AI about a company posting new job openings for positions related to cybersecurity.

Personalized Message:

Subject: Enhancing [Company Name]’s Cybersecurity

Hi [Decision Maker’s Name],

I noticed that [Company Name] is expanding its cybersecurity team. Congratulations on this strategic initiative!

At [Your Company Name], we offer advanced cybersecurity solutions that can support and enhance your current efforts. Our [specific product/service] has helped companies like [Client Example] achieve [specific result], and I believe it could be a perfect fit for [Company Name].

Could we schedule a brief call next week to discuss how we can assist in strengthening your cybersecurity framework?

Best regards, [Your Name]


By leveraging Signum.AI to track trends and gather insights on companies and decision-makers, you can create highly personalized sales messages. This approach ensures your outreach is relevant and addresses the immediate needs and interests of your targets, increasing the likelihood of successful engagements.


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