Unlock consumer demand and spot early trends in products | Signum.ai
Unlock consumer demand
and spot early trends in products
Forecast the demand for products and drive sales
with the power of AI and predictive analytics
Make profitable decisions
Harness the power of AI
We leverage signals in the web, Google Trends, social media, and ecomm market data to automate your market analysis and predict which trends are emerging and which have reached their peak.
Real-time insights
We provide real-time insights so that you can stay ahead of the game and capitalize on trends when the time is right.
Superior Intelligence
We combine artificial intelligence and a team of analytics to filter out the noise and outline key insights and trends in products in your categories.
Want to know what products to launch and promote? Connect the dots with actionable insights across any retail categories.
Unlock consumer demand and know what products to launch and promote ahead of time
Spot early trends in products
Discover the trends in your current product categories and new products that are growing in demand.
Forecast the changes in demand for products
Amplify your demand forecasting. Analyze the market in seconds and forecast the changes in demand for your product categories before it happens.
Listen to influencers
Identify trendsetters that have a significant impact on trends in your industry.
Automate your market analysis
We track 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources to know where a trend is in its adoption curve.
Comprehensive tool for Retail Trend Discovery
AI-powered retail intelligence platform
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$500 / month
Unlimited users
Full analysis of the trends on your current products
Forecasts of the trends on the new products in your niche
Forecasts of the demand or market shifts
Newsletter with the key insights and market signals
Influencers discovery with the detailed data on their audience
Access to the dashboard for analyzing trends
Find your winning solution
Trend Tracking
Spot trends at the early stages, monitor major market shifts and understand the magnitude and context of trends.
Influencers Discovery
Amplify your influencer outreach and identify highly targeted influencers.
Competitive Intelligence
Track your competitors
activities and updates.
Leads Finder
Get targeted leads from the web and grow your sales pipeline.