Accelerate your revenue by tracking Web2 and Web3 data

We aggregate intent data to enable you to make
better sales and marketing decisions.

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What can you achieve
using Signum.AI?

Find new prospects using our listening tool

We track buying signals 24/7: funding data, job postings,
and web traffic.

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Accelerate your revenue growth
with personalized outreach

Stop sending endless follow-up emails and delegate cold outreach to us. We know when your prospects are ready to buy your product.

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Enrich your prospects and find new opportunities using Signum.AI data

Target prospects that use your competitors' product.

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Here's what our
customers say

" has created a great solution that we use to find new investors for our fund and send them hyper-personalized offers. As a result, we have fueled our pipeline with over 270+ high-quality leads in a few months."

-Serge Milman

Managing Partner at Starta Ventures

"The team has scrutinized our case and collected the relevant number of leads we had agreed on."

-Alex Kondrashtina

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

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