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How Ostride Labs uses Signum.AI to drive revenue growth

08 May 2023

KPI: Generate more calls in Australia, Singapore, and the Middle...

Toolstrek uses Signum.AI to find the best open opportunities for their sales reps

07 Apr 2023

KPI: Reactivating lost prospects gets amped with 2X ROI from Signum.AI-sourced pipeline

03 Mar 2023

KPI: Increased upsells and cross-sells

Lead generation
for Beamable

20 Dec 2022

Collecting leads at game studios with more than 100 employees

Lead generation
for Storiesgain

20 Dec 2021

Building lists of CEOs, CMOs, managers, and team leads dealing...

Lead generation
for SOAX

20 Dec 2021

Collecting leads at companies interested in using proxies