5 Ways to Enhance Your B2B Sales & Marketing with AI-Powered Content Generation Tools


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Whether you work in finance, travel, health, fashion, or any other industry, Artificial Intelligence has most likely already revolutionized it. As for B2B markets, AI has completely changed the game for entrepreneurs. Now, the generation of B2B sales and marketing content pieces is being gradually taken over the AI too.

Intrigued? Let’s discover ways to boost your B2B marketing strategy, increase revenue, and generate new quality leads using AI-powered content generation tools. Shall we? 😉

Generating Content with AI? Whaaat?!

You must be thinking, “What are you talking about? Artificial Intelligence can generate content?” And this is a fair question!

A bunch of businesses around the world are still oblivious to AI-driven content creation tools, while the planet’s top-ranked companies are already using them for better conversions. Giants like Forbes, eBay, and Chase are on the list, too! In fact, almost 40% of organizations turn to AI for boosting their sales.

So what is AI-driven content generation, after all? In a nutshell, AI-powered content generation tools help to analyze text pieces and visual materials posted on the web and generate new text out of this analysis.

Here’s how it works: all companies and organizations have data that informs them about their readers, the news, and, of course, markets. The first step is having software that is able to gather and sort that data. Once the data is collected and structured, the AI game begins: advanced algorithms analyze this info and create text that is often superior to human-made.

Now, take a sec and imagine all the stuff that needs to be done before any piece of content is made: keyword and info research, analytics, SEO optimization, personalization, new trends on the market….A lot to deal with, huh? Well, AI generators automate all these operations to help you get the best possible result. Basically, they help you attract new, B2B quality leads by simplifying the content generation process.

One of the latest and most viral language generators is GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) created by a research lab OpenAI that is able to create amazing products, including poems, memes, and tweets.

Exciting, right? Now imagine what such algorithms could generate for your B2B company?

Why Use AI-Driven Content Generation Tools if There Are Copywriters?

There’s no doubt that copywriting plays a huge part in the success of a business. But what if we told you that AI-driven tools can make you better B2B sales and marketing content pieces than any, even the most professional, copywriter? Or at least become their powerful assistants.

Here are some of the main examples of how AI content generation tools positively affect B2B sales:

Time Efficiency

First and foremost, AI content generators save time. How long does it take your typical copywriter to produce a decent piece of content? No matter what the answer is, be sure that AI generators will do it quicker – and just as efficiently (if not better). Remember: faster content = more sales closed.

No More Human Error

Humans tend to make mistakes. Yes, even if they’re super educated and know what they’re doing. There’s always the human factor, no matter how hard your copywriters work. Luckily, that’s not the case with Artificial Intelligence that generates error-free B2B content pieces.


As we’ve already mentioned, AI generators are super fast: they always resort to real-time and most relevant search data to provide you with the best info. With AI, you won’t have to waste time and energy targeting the wrong leads.

Data Translation

Sometimes, reading data, graphs, and charts might feel overwhelming. But AI has no problem scanning, analyzing, and translating data into interesting and human-friendly and high-converting texts that’ll generate new B2B leads.

5 Ways to Boost Your B2B Sales Using AI-Driven Content Generation Tools

Texts for PPC campaigns

High-converting ad taglines and ad texts are probably the most difficult content pieces to create. Not for AI, though. Just provide the “smart author” with a few keywords and get the most effective texts and slogans for your PPC campaigns. Wait for clicks and new B2B leads coming to your pipeline.

Topics for Articles, Blog & Social Posts

Engaging communication with your leads is key to successful sales. The best way to get acquainted with your potential customers is through articles, blogs, and social media posts. Tell people about your values, list the benefits of collaborating with you, be friends with them on social media. And don’t you worry about not finding the right topic because AI generators will do it for you!

Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions often gets boring as it involves coming up with creative ideas over and over again. This is when copywriters often run out of inspiration. Well, with Artificial Intelligence, this is not a problem!

All you need is a couple words about your products and a few spare minutes. Save time and money while AI does all the work and creates catchy B2B product descriptions that make everyone interested in purchasing your product or services.


Nowadays, the internet is overcrowded with information, and people have learned to filter it. That’s why it’s so crucial to hook your leads with calls-to-action (CTAs). Let your AI content generation tool figure out what type of content is usually tuned out by your customers and end up with a new, tailored strategy to making your B2B leads do what you want them to.

Emails for Outreach Campaigns

Outreach emails can make a huge contribution to your sales growth. Forget about writing generic and lifeless emails to your target leads. AI content tools will generate catchy titles and come up with hyper-personalized texts for your emails. Create super engaging B2B outreach campaigns and keep in touch with your leads using Artificial Intelligence.

Top 3 Tools to Use & Why We Love Them

Now on to the best part! Since we’ve already defined all the benefits of AI-driven content generation for your B2B business, these are our Top 3 most useful AI content makers:

AI-based text suggestions by Signum.ai

This one’s our favorite. This tool not only automates email outreach based on behavioral insights but also provides tailored tips and suggestions to enhance email content for more effective outreach campaigns.


People say that Articoolo is pretty much a humanized machine. It writes simple yet understandable texts on a given topic within minutes. And this is how Articoolo works: before the actual “writing” starts, the algorithm explores the meaning of the given concept, and only then the rubber meets the road. For example, if your topic is “Best acrylic paints”, Articoolo will first discover what “acrylics” is, and once that’s done, it’ll jump to the writing part.


Last but not least comes our storyteller platform. Wordsmith collects all available data about a given topic, analyzes it, and turns it into simple and informative text. Even the world’s top-rank giants like Microsoft and Yahoo use it to produce 1.5 billion pieces of text annually.

The Key Thing You Should Learn From This

We’re currently on the verge of a major AI-driven B2B sales revolution. At this turning point, it’s crucial to seize the opportunity of enhancing your company’s sales with AI-powered content generation tools.

If we had to share a single piece of advice with you, it’d be: “Pal, don’t miss the chance to boost your B2B sales and increase revenue with AI content generators!”

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