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Are you dreaming of high profits and an efficient team working well together? Every AI startup does.

But how can a founder free his team from repetitive manual tasks, keep everyone on the same page, and attract investors?

Here are 50 automation instruments that can help.

Be Fully Armed: 50 Must-Have Tools for Your AI Startup

On our list, you’ll find tools that automate sales & marketing tasks, enhance project management, and create intelligent live chats. Decent CRMs and analytics instruments are also here.

We deliberately left unattended the most popular and well-known tools like HubSpot, BuzzSumo, Google, etc. to leave some room for other fantastic instruments. Well, let’s start!

Sales & Marketing Tools

PPC Creation


Kissmetrics’ advanced analytics goes farther than time spent on site and bounce rates, converting more trials into payment-plan customers.


The AI behind Acquisio creates, manages, and predicts the success of your PPC campaigns. Thus, your digital ads get optimized across every touchpoint.


With Optmyzr, marketers deliver convertible ad campaigns in less time. This tool doesn’t require significant changes to your current setup and offers understandable visualizations.


Spend less and get more from your PPC campaigns with Adalysis. Its data-driven strategies and deep analysis cover every aspect of ad promotion, giving you peace of mind.

Content Creation


Jarvis is an AI-powered writing assistant that was trained by top marketing experts. So, welcome original SEO-optimized content and convertible ad copy.


Give Rytr 50 keywords and get three paragraphs of high-quality copy generated by AI. This smart solution can save you hours spent on content creation.

Title Generator

This tool is more than just a title generator it’s your assistant in finding new blog topics or creating ads. One click will generate hundreds of catchy, efficient, and emotional headlines; you only need to choose yours.


Venngage is an infographics tool that makes your communication more engaging, informative, and straightforward.


Just a few clicks with Kapwing will make your target audience smile while they get your emails and messages.

SEO optimization


KWFinder is your intuitive keyword analyzer with a user-friendly interface. It will deliver location-specific and easy-to-rank keywords that will grow your website traffic.


SpyFu analyzes industry leaders to detect domains they appear on and keywords they use. So, you can benefit from their experience and avoid mistakes in your ad campaigns and content creation.


Enhance your backlink strategies based on the quality, quantity, topical relevance, and other metrics of websites with Majestic.


This decent OpenAI-powered SEO tool researches billions of keywords to help you create popular content that gets on the first page of Google Search.

Moz Pro

SEO is easy with Moz Pro. Learn which questions and keywords visitors use to reach your website and be ready with SEO-optimized content answers.

Email Outreach


Signum.AI simplifies email outreach by offering you to get valuable insights from CRM contacts. With features tailored to track customer behavior, Signum.AI empowers businesses to craft personalized emails that resonate with their audience, driving engagement and boosting conversions effortlessly.

BEE Free

Engage your audience with mobile-responsive email templates of BEE Free without hiring a designer. Moreover, you can use this tool for creating landing pages.


Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, Yesware has an add-on to instantly tell you that email is opened, attachment is viewed, or the link is clicked. So you can pick up the right moment to reach warm leads.


Finding the influencer who will attract your target audience is not a challenge with NinjaOutreach. This tool can get relevant business profiles from any niche and location. And the built-in CRM traces all outreach campaigns and shows you valuable insights.


Influencers are very close when you use the Pitchbox platform. Target and follow-up every email without manual input and increase response rates.


Woodpecker’s advanced snippets personalize your emails and ensure a higher reply rate. This tool verifies addresses to deliver your message with an A/B tested copy.

Social Media


Use Unfold’s iOS and Android apps to create unique templates for your Instagram stories, edit photos with original filters, or add text with impressive fonts and styles.

Post Planner

Post Planner schedules and automates post publications. And more than that, it puts your best posts on republishing if you are not ready with fresh creatives. After all, who says that your most engaging posts can only be published once?

Rival IQ

Rival IQ discovers opportunities and trends, tracks performance, and compares your social media channels with the industry leaders without data scientists.


Quuu’s secret weapon is an AI curation genius called Robin. He can deliver the most relevant videos, blog posts, or podcasts to you to share valuable data. Or just post the best content from your accounts.


Just a few clicks and your posts (enriched with images) are sent to all social media accounts automatically through the Hootsuite dashboard.

Project Management Tools


ProofHub lets you organize projects in tables, Kanban boards, or Gantt charts. And you can easily customize workflows, roles and assign tasks.


Scoro is a great collaborative platform that tracks the activity of your project teams and sales, tracking their real-time profitability.


nTask offers list, grid, and calendar views of tasks. On its Kanban boards, you can visualize financial data, time tracking, and linked projects to enhance your team communication.


HD-video meetings, tasks visualized in boards, lists, or timelines, and pre-built templates keep your teams in sync with Redbooth.


Celoxis offers an instant view on budgets and profitability, delivers information in customizable reports, and optimizes the allocation of your resources.

Live Chats


This tool connects you with your customers through their preferred platform. So, starting with live chats with inbound leads and finishing with communication through social media, JivoChat has you covered.


Your future customers will adore web messaging with Genesys for its real-time response so that you won’t lose a single conversation. And the transition from an AI chatbot to a human agent will stay unnoticed, delivering a fantastic customer experience.


LiveAgent’s live chat boasts a stylish widget to keep your leads engaged and make their buying experience seamless. And integrations with 200+ tools will keep you connected with every customer.


Answer each warm lead within just seconds with TidioChat. Offer the fastest communication and let your potential customers enjoy the AI-powered reaction and query resolution.


One Chaport widget can make communication with your clients as natural as chatting with your best friends. Assist your potential customers with Chaport and close sales rights from this live chat.


Sprout Social

Take this social CRM on board to help your sales & marketing teams get insightful real-time information. With SproutSocial, your customers will benefit from a customized brand experience.


Make every customer journey enjoyable with Insightly. And stay connected, building long-term relationships with clients and growing your pipeline with this great CRM.


Power and simplicity are Capsule’s main features. With this tool, personalized offers, sales control, and data-driven decisions become real. And your teams have all their customer information organized.


The Freshsales tool gets your sales and marketing teams together to let them understand customer intent and increase conversion rates. Try the 360° view on every client and close deals faster.


Your team and clients will appreciate the incorporation of Nutshell CRM for automating sales and email outreach, performance measurement, and welcoming customer support.

Analytic Tools


Data science will never be rocket science with the Knime software. This tool will let you visualize and transform information into impressive insights. And then use them for growing business and enhancing your brand image.


If you want to maximize your ROI, try the SharedCount API. Integrate it directly into your WordPress website or analytics tool this won’t take longer than a few minutes.


Use the power of predictive analytics and assess your brand campaigns with Upwave. Its on-demand dashboard and huge customer database will help you optimize your marketing strategy.


Collect and process your customer data from all platforms, and have it accurately structured and visualized with Snowplow. This platform lets you spend less time preparing data and more on knowing your customers better.


Intercom will assist your prospects through the sales funnel, giving you insights into the acquisition and engagement of your target audience, as well as customer retention.

Internal Communication Tools


RescueTime promises to add motivation, effectiveness, and concentration to every team. Use the experience of professionals with a similar work approach to complete your tasks with RescueTime.

When I Work

With this tool, you’ll forget about workflow chaos. Instant work scheduling and integrated time trackers will let you optimize labor costs and enhance your team collaboration.


Internal communication also needs to be improved and driven by data. And Staffbase is here to help founders see what works best for their teams, targeting the right employees with the right messages.


Create a stimulating and friendly environment for your team’s communication with Connecteam. Use its features to make internal communication transparent and comfortable.


Basecamp is an excellent team-focused tool for remote work. Accessible from any platform, it traces every step and shows the status of all relevant tasks to every teammate. Thus, teamwork is perfectly orchestrated and efficient.

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