AI-Powered Marketing Tools: 5 Ridiculous Myths You Should Stop Believing (Spoiler: It’s Cheap & Won’t Fully Replace Humans)

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In 2024, artificial intelligence is among the top worldwide topics for discussion. And for good reason—it’s making a splash in pretty much every industry and opening up new opportunities for business scaling and promotion. However, many specialists are still skeptical about the power of AI.

Why? Simply because it hasn’t been around for too long, and people are always doubtful about new things. They start looking for downsides and all sorts of side effects—even if there are none. The worst part about all this is that stereotypes around AI-powered tools prevent brands from leveling up their marketing game. That’s why it’s so crucial to debunk them. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

Here are five ridiculous stereotypes about AI-driven marketing tools — debunked! Let’s go ?

AI Tools Are Too Expensive

The majority of companies don’t even consider going for AI-driven tools in the first place because they think it’s too costly. Indeed, for many people, “artificial intelligence” is pretty much synonymous with “outrageously expensive.” After all, we’re talking about a computer-based network, right? You’d think. In reality, artificial intelligence isn’t pricier than your typical marketing campaign.

Yes, there’s big money rolling through the industry, but using AI-driven promotion tools won’t cost you a jillion dollars. And not even a kidney.

Think about your standard marketing campaign. What’s the average total price? How much do you pay your sales reps, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters? What about additional software? Employee training? Pretty heavy, right? With AI-powered technology, all these costs are reduced. Instead of numerous omnidirectional tools, you get one comprehensive software that’ll do the job in a few clicks.

Plus, why launch a regular (read: futile) campaign ten times and pay extra money if you can launch a powerful (read: AI-driven) one just once and get the better result? In other words, better to do it efficiently once than 100 times without a profit.

Anyway, AI reduces the budget for your marketing goals, so your kidneys can rest easy.

AI Tools Will Fully Replace Humans

Marketers usually flinch at the mention of artificial intelligence as they think it’ll steal their jobs. And not just theirs. Because AI-driven tools are so versatile, they’re great with texts, images, videos, lead generation and all other aspects of a marketing campaign. This makes copywriters, designers, video makers and even management reps break out in a cold sweat as they think they’re getting fired as soon as AI joins the game. Nonsense!

No marketing campaign can succeed without a human touch. Yes, the software generates excellent content, but can you post it right away? No. Any piece of content should be checked and adjusted by us, humans. Is this product description informative enough? Does the image look natural? Is this email relevant for my target audience? Only people can finetune content so that it’s 100% organic, engaging and relevant.

So, to sum up, the process is as follows: AI-powered tools do 90% of the work, and humans perform the remaining (and the most important) 10%. Not too bad for teamwork, huh? With this tactic, you get the best of both worlds: AI’s analytical nature, which focuses on data and statistics + humans’ one-of-a-kind intuitive mind with a pinch of wit.

Plus, AI saves us time to spend on more crucial tasks that only people can do.

AI Software Is Too Greek to Understand

“Neural networks,” “machine learning,” “deep profiling” — all these terms sound high-end and sophisticated. Yes, artificial intelligence may indeed seem frightening. A popular stereotype states that to use AI-powered tools, you have to be an IT guru or at least complete a programming course. The keyword being “stereotype.”

The truth is, AI is for everybody. Whether you’re a marketer, a manager or a founder, you don’t have to graduate from tech school to benefit from neural networks. In fact, you barely have to do anything. AI-driven tools are designed to do almost all the work for you. Don’t know how “GPT” works? Doesn’t matter. You’re not supposed to. We want to emphasize this: AI doesn’t require any professional training.

The only thing expected from you is to know what you want. What audiences do you want to target? What are you selling? Specify your target audience and offerings, and AI tools will track your clients’ activities to identify those ready to buy. By monitoring behaviors such as social media engagement, job changes, and keyword mentions, it maximizes profits by pinpointing prospects showing strong purchasing intent.

AI delivers excellent service on a silver platter. So you do your job, and AI will take care of everything else.

Have any questions? Ask an expert. 🙂

AI Tools Are a Pig in a Poke

“Nah, I’ll just waste my time and money. Better follow the beaten track” —is a pervasive mindset when it comes to using AI. Because neural networks are so innovative, people don’t know how they work and what to expect. “It’s too unpredictable!” they said. “Don’t jump to conclusions!” we replied.

How does it work? You specify your niche, briefly describe what you’re looking for, and let AI analyze tons of data on the web to generate awfully relevant content. Simple as that.

With AI, you’re not flinging into the unknown. Its algorithms are constantly improving and getting smarter with each new project. They’re programmed to learn from their own mistakes, so the more often you interact with them, the more accurate results you get. Want a picture of a full-sized man in a suit? You won’t end up with a photo of a woman in a dress. Need a sales pitch? Don’t worry about receiving a blog post. You get the idea, right? AI will deliver just the content you asked for.

You’re not buying a pig in a poke. So stay cool, everything’s under control. 😉

AI Software Will Never Perform As Well As Humans

“Come on, machines will never be as efficient as humans!” In 2024, AI-powered tools are still significantly underestimated. A great deal of users genuinely believe that computers can’t generate decent content. Well, too bad, too sad.

Sure, there’s a limit to how much AI can do. For example, you can’t expect (at least for now) an AI tool to deliver, say, a fully-fledged movie with sophisticated storylines and well-developed characters. But if we’re talking about a video tutorial, the problem’s off the table.

AI is evolving at the speed of light, and the results are mind-blowing. It’s already mastered video making, graphic design, photography, storytelling and more. But does it sound natural? Heck yeah!

This is kind of scary, but for the most part, you can’t tell AI-generated content from human-made. Intonation, wording, mood, emotions, humor, tone of voice, you name it — AI is a pro at it all. Content created by AI-based software sounds unbelievably natural and organic.

Like, do you think AI or a copywriter wrote this post? 🙂

Wrapping Up

You may be scared of it, hate it, love it, but artificial intelligence is a gold mine for businesses. While it may sound risky and terrifying, there’s nothing to fear. AI is cheap, helpful, simple, reliable and natural. And it will stick around for a while, so we better get along and make the most of this collaboration. ?

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