SaaS Lead Generation Failed: 11 Reasons Why Your Leads May Have Been Turned Away

Lead Generation

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No leads, no sales. It’s as simple as that. That’s why lead generation is the main priority for any SaaS company. Luckily, marketers are now equipped with more tools and resources to find and connect with prospects than ever before.

But why do they fail so often? This post will take a closer look at the top eleven reasons for lead generation failure and ways to fix them. Ready? Let’s get a move on! ?

1. Your Website is Not Optimized for Mobile

Do you think decision-makers don’t use mobile devices? Yes, that would be as silly as it sounds. Do you open some links via smartphones? So do they.

If you’re still not fully convinced that your potential customers need a mobile version, here’s the way to really kick things into gear — Google modified its search algorithms to favor mobile-friendly websites. So as not to fall off SERPs, you need to optimize your website for mobile users.

But what is a mobile-friendly website anyway? It’s scrollable, images are optimized for scale, text looks good, and everything is clickable.

On top of that, having a mobile-friendly website gives a good first impression to a user looking for a SaaS product, and you avoid running the risk of these potential clients thinking you are amateurish.

2. Your Product Description Doesn’t Stack Up

A product description is the starting point of any customer experience. It’s one of the first touchpoints they might have with your product. Many companies still fall into the trap of creating vague descriptions that deliver no meaningful information. Don’t be one of them.

The hard part is not describing what your product does but finding the right way to introduce your products so that prospects understand the importance of your solution.

What makes a description powerful?

•‎ Start from the difficulties that your audience faces, and focus on solutions;

•‎ Keep your descriptions action-oriented by using strong verbs;

•‎ Make sure you have a clear value proposition;

•‎ Structure the text well and keep it short.

A text like this will grasp the reader’s attention and make them click on whatever CTA you have.

If you think your product description still needs work, we recommend getting started by checking out AI Content Generation, a tool that will help you create unique and personalized sales and marketing content in no time.

3. Your Offer is Not Compelling

If you’re struggling to get more leads, our next guess is that your offer is not compelling to them.

Think of how to make your offer hyper-relevant and exclusive. Analyze their pain points and provide solutions.

With that done, add even more value by offering an extended trial period for your demo, 24/7 support service, a lower price, a quote valid for a certain period, or an add-on to your product.

4. You are Not Demonstrating Case Studies

What can be more compelling than showing a positive testimonial from a client on your website so that visitors can relate to a real-world example, which illustrates actual results? Let them see how other companies have already benefited from your product, add figures, and use company names.

5. You are Not Taking Advantage of Existing Customers

Don’t forget your existing customers. Regularly check on them and ask what they would like to improve. If you want to go further, treat them with some perks or start a referral program.

First, if they feel you care about them, they won’t leave. Second, who better than your happy customers to recommend your product?

6. You Don’t Have a Contact Form

Okay, you perfected your website content, and your product enchants website visitors. What are they supposed to do next? They need to contact you. Oh no! Don’t tell us you forgot to integrate contact forms into your website pages. Make it as easy as possible, and offer various avenues for potential clients to get in touch with you.

Don’t forget to provide users with a customer-friendly experience. It will be a real bummer if you drive your potential customers away simply because your forms are too long, not working, or not optimized for both desktop and mobile.

7. You Don’t Have a ChatBot

Yes, contact forms are excellent ways to gather data. But you always need to put much effort into making sure users don’t get lost in the process of navigating to your contact form. What if there is a more simple way to strike a conversation with the users? The good news, there is — a chatbot.

Due to its interactive nature, it can be a great conversation starter. It is psychologically easier to start a conversation as they don’t need to fill in a lengthy form. It also allows users to be more specific with their inquiries and get immediate answers. Chatbots go wherever your users do, so there is no need to drive them to the contact form.

8. Your Product Demo is Poor

In the tech sector, one of the most effective ways to generate qualified leads is to provide them with a product demo. When you offer your potential customers product demos, you show them your product in action. And more than that, how it will solve their problems.

At this stage, they are so ready to buy that nothing could be worse than a poor product demo that leaves them unsure about how the product works.

Make sure your demo exceeds all their expectations. Give them a demo that is fine-tuned to suit the prospect. Provide them with exceptional guidance on getting started.

Is your prospect still not ready to buy? Double down with an extended trial!

9. You Failed to Define Outreach Channels

Are you bombarding your prospect with emails, and it takes an eternity to get a reply from them? Well, the problem might be that they simply don’t check emails often, or your messages are getting lost amongst thousands of other emails.

Remember that each user is different. This principle applies to the channels they are most comfortable connecting to you on. Have you noticed they are more often on Facebook or LinkedIn — reach them there.

10. You are Struggling with CRM

Do your teams often lose track of your prospects? Or information is not passing well between sales and marketing teams? Our bet is that you’re having CRM troubles.

Having an excellent CRM solution and ensuring that your employees efficiently use it is not the whole solution. In fact, it’s just a start. A CRM system depends on people using it, regardless of how good the system is.

That’s why it’s key to explain the importance of integrating it into every employee’s work process. Invest time into proper training.

Otherwise, you’ll fail on both ends. Your prospects will get frustrated by misspelled names or incorrect job titles and turn away. And your sales reps will get frustrated by inaccurate customer data that hinders them from doing their job.

Our advice is to store every piece of information about your prospects, make sure it is accurate, and can be easily accessed by all your teams at any time.

Guest posting regularly on topics that are relevant to your audience should be your top priority.

Whether you are already guest posting or just considering it, don’t assume that readers are willing to Google your company or product.

Link-building is a source for relevant referral traffic that brings prospects to your website and moves them further towards your website’s landing pages, which finally converts.

Always make sure the platforms you choose allow you to add links to your website pages for the readers to follow. You might be lucky to use ones that do it for free. Remember, before choosing a platform for guest posting take a look at their traffic stats and track reader engagement. Do they look good? Don’t hesitate to pay for links.

Wrapping up

Do any of these problems click? Go ahead and tailor these lead generation tips for your SaaS company! But remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, and building a business takes time, effort, and a bunch of experimenting. So feel free to add anything that was not mentioned. Good luck! ?

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