Ranked Among Top 10+ Lead Generation Software

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We are happy to announce jumping into the Top 10+ Lead Generation Software of 2020, according to SoftwareWorld, a leading software review and rating website. Our AI-powered Lead Finder tool for sales prospecting was ranked among the most affordable and easy-to-use Lead Generation solutions available on the market alongside HubSpot Marketing, LeadFuze, Intercom, Agile CRM, and others.

SoftwareWorld is a software review platform that showcases top software solutions suitable for various industries, including marketing automation, brand management, accounting, market research, etc. The company bases its score on user satisfaction comprised of reviews and ratings, social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information. Apart from comprehensive reviews and lists of the top software solutions by category, SoftwareWorld provides essential tips on choosing the best software of any kind suitable for companies’ goals.

We are so proud of being on the list, as has always been striving to build powerful AI-driven tools for sales and marketing automation. It motivates us to keep going and work on the best solutions for companies to let them find hyper-targeted qualified leads and increase their revenue.

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