Top 15 B2B Sales Tips to Win More Customers in 2024

B2B Sales Tips to Win More Customers

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Ooh! 2020 was pretty challenging, but we’ve learned a lot from it. All interactions with clients went online. Businesses were forced to adopt technologies to transfer all operations online and encourage remote work.

The world might return to how it was before but business operations have already changed forever.

Are you ready to equip yourself with sales techniques that will bring you new clients this year? Please be our guest!

1. Make Use of Data to Build Ideal Customer Profiles

In years past there was much less data available. So sometimes we had to rely on our gut instinct. At times hitting the bullseye, at times not. Today we have much more avenues and tools so your personas will always be backed up by accurate information. Research, collect and use!

Wondering where to get this data? Your CRM and Customer Support Systems, site metrics, social media, and surveys should prove to be useful. Once you gather this information you can start analyzing what traits your current customers have, how they react to your products, and what their problems are.

Once you rock it, you’ll be able to easily work out who to sell to. Don’t forget to change and adapt as this is always a must.

2. Take Segmentation to the Next Level

“How many segments should I create?” In 2021, the more the better! You can now treat each client as a market of one.

Why? Communicating with everyone the same way is not effective. Each client has their own needs. Segmentation allows you to define these needs and combine users into groups (even if into groups of one) to personalize communication.

3. And Personalization Too!

Instead of sending the same messages to everyone, focus on a few of your best leads and address them with hyper-relevant and personalized content that will trigger their needs.

Make sure you don’t go too far. Be aware that personalization can become invasive if not carefully monitored. We don’t want to look creepy, right? Start small and use data only from open resources.

4. Find Leads and Manage Them Like a Pro

To do all of the above you might need some extra help. Forget about researching and qualifying leads manually. In 2021 you can delegate this job to AI.

For example, CRM systems will help you to store customer data and access it easily. And all-in-one tools such as LeadMachine will find leads that match your buyer persona and integrate them into your CRM.

5. Switch to a Customer-Driven Sales Process

You’ve already noticed a change in the buying process? A customer journey is not like it used to be — it has shifted from a linear one to a more ‘puzzled’ one.

With potential buyers acting irrationally and not being clear about how to get from problem to solution, we are forced to shift from a sales to a customer-centric view.

If before we were driven by what we were doing, today we’ve realized that the buying process often doesn’t go the way we want it. That’s why we need to put the wants and needs of our prospects first. Identify their problems, provide solutions and guidance through the process — this is a representation of customer-driven sales tactics in brief.

6. Provide Your Prospects with a Multi-Channel Experience

Remember that prospects and clients demand to be addressed personally? And more than that, they want to be served in the channels they are most comfortable communicating in.

Do they prefer chatbots, emails, or phone calls? Find out how your prospects like to connect and reach them through these channels.

7. Offer Real Value Upfront

Sometimes deadlines urge us to pitch products. But how often does that have to help to be considered a successful strategy?

Instead of pitching straight away, anticipate your prospects’ needs and provide solutions. You might be wondering how to do this? Here’s how:

Research your customer profile by checking their history of previous purchases and communications with your representatives.

Track sales triggers by gathering data within your company and from open, publicly-available resources.

Based on this information, customize your offer.

8. Sell in Real-Time

With this information in hand, you will be able to contact your prospects when their interest to buy is at its peak.

Imagine your potential customer commented on a social media story that vibed with them. If your business has a solution to their problem, then you should react immediately and without hesitation.

9. Turn Your Prospects into Friends

Are you still treating companies as inanimate objects? Then you shouldn’t because there are individuals standing behind them.

With that thought in mind, you’ll be able to build a more sustained relationship. Act as a person: include some personal information so they will know who they are talking with and can reach you easily. And maintain an ongoing conversation.

10. Share Expertise

Would you agree that building a relationship requires a division of roles? What role will likely turn your prospect into your customer? Our best guess is that it’s an expert one.

Clearly explain what your product is, recommend, navigate, share experiences, and help to solve prospects’ issues as they arise.

11. Be Forever Friends with Marketing

Sometimes you might be the one who needs expertise. The marketing team is here to back you up.

Collaborate with marketers to boost your sales through content, online advertising, and website optimization. So when leads come to you, they will already know what they want.

When so much is going on we don’t have time for confrontation, do we? Team up and rock towards the same goal!

12. Have an Action Plan Ready

Having an action plan ready can save you heaps of time. Anticipate various likely scenarios based on your previous experience, be ready to follow up, and always stay on top using relevant information.

13. Test and Adjust

Always keep in mind that everything can change in no time. So be ready to adjust to get it right.

Evaluate each of the techniques and tools you use over time. This will help you to understand what worked and what needs improving.

14. Do What You Can Do Best and Leave the Rest to the Machines

Why bother doing repetitive, time-consuming tasks? Leave this job for AI and focus on what matters.

Building prospect lists, sending emails, generating content — these are only a few examples of what software can help you with.

15. And Now Create the Pitch

Hold on a second. Are we going to sell at some point? We sure are!

So when a prospect has a clear intention to buy, be ready to put forward an offer that they won’t be able to resist. Don’t forget to make your offer special and time-sensitive.

Summing Up

Remember that challenge creates opportunity. And opportunities help your business to grow. In 2020 companies started to realize that clients are looking for more personalized relationships built on help and trust. Innovation, personalization, and a strategic approach to data will help you to build and maintain this relationship in 2021.

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