Top Digital B2B Marketing Conferences in 2024 That You Shouldn’t Miss

B2B Marketing Conferences

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With the ongoing pandemic, people have been forced to cut back on professional training and knowledge sharing. Just offline, Thank God! 🙂

As for digital marketing events, one doesn’t know where to look first.

We’ve built a list of top conferences on B2B marketing you should attend in 2024 to improve business performance, grow your network, and boost revenue.

Charge your batteries! 😉

B2B Summit North America (May 5-8)

“Align. Reinvent. Win.”

B2B Summit is the perfect place to get acquainted with innovative B2B influencers and learn about marketing technologies, revenue operations, pipeline conversions and more. You’ll talk about building an efficient strategy, implementing the latest innovations, and creating a productive organizational structure that’ll incite a double-digit boost for your business.

Registration Fee

You can either buy a single ticket at a standard price ($3,895 for clients & $4,095 for non-clients) or purchase a team ticket which will get you 5 tickets for the price of 4 ($14,780 for clients & $15,580 for non-clients).

Marketing Analytics Summit (June 6-7 – Conference, June 4-5 – Workshops)

After 20 years of experience, the Livestream Marketing Analytics Summit hosts know a little something about marketing and B2B.

Held in two 3-day sessions, this conference focuses specifically on marketing data, Google Analytics, data proficiency in general and the perks of artificial intelligence.

Registration Fee

Prices start from $1,695 for the 2 Day Conference Ticket. The Half Day Workshop Only option is available for $750.

Mirren Live (May 7-8)

Mirren Live New York & virtually is all about agency growth & innovation.

The conference has a specific goal — driving B2B businesses to better conversions. Over 2 days of intensive training and over 30 sessions, attendees will learn about streamlining operations, organic growth, common challenges in the industry and many other life hacks. Mirren Live is thoroughly designed for senior account leads, human resources folks, management teams and CEOs.

The speaker lineup consists of experts from Forbes and Adweek.

Registration Fee

Prices start from $1100.

CX North America (June 17 – 20)

“Human + AI: Win With Boundless Experiences”

Customer experience is what defines the success of your business. Good thing platforms like CX North America can help you out. The event focuses on data-driven analytics that help B2B companies improve their customer experience.

Over the course of 4 days and a schedule packed with information, 1500 industry experts will discuss various topics, including modernization, case study investigations and artificial intelligence tools.

ContentTECH Summit (May. 14-16)

At ContentTECH Summit, people know that you always have to be prepared for what the world has in store for you.

Here, attendees can learn about the impact and benefits of technology on company growth, the union of content and innovative processes within the marketing world, and all about the use of technology for scaling their businesses.

Registration Fee


Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit (February 27-29)

An all-virtual event that brings together experts from the influencer marketing industry.

You’ll learn how to ensure brand safety in the COVID-affected world and integrate your overall business approach with an influencer marketing strategy.

The speaker lineup includes experts from AT&T, Intel, and Google, so save the date!

Registration Fee

And if you also want to save some money, be sure to sign up ASAP because timing here directly affects the price ($649 until February 27th & $749 at the door).

MozCon (June 3-4)

As stated on MozCon’s website, this is “not your typical marketing conference.” Indeed, the amount of efforts put into this conference does strike a chord.

The brightest minds of today’s marketing world get together to talk about SEO, B2B & B2C marketing, global trends, link building, customer management, and advertising. The speakers will share practical life hacks on conversion optimization, search (mobile & local), and SEO.

Registration Fee

Prices start from $999.

Affiliate Summit East (July 29-30)

If there’s one marketing event you want to attend for the purpose of mainly networking and building new friendships, it’s this one.

Affiliate Summit East is a globally recognized conference with a speaker lineup consisting of bloggers, international brands, publishers, advertisers, business and media owners. It’s a platform where the most brilliant minds come together to discuss retail, business scaling and tech solutions.

There are 70 sessions with 6000 participants and 100 experts sharing their knowledge. Hosted live in New York City.

Registration Fee

You’re going to like the cost — only $399 by March 31. Full price after March 31 is $999.

B2B Online (May 6-8)

Thriving since 2013, B2B Online conference has taken thousands of businesses to the next level. The event’s primary focus is distribution and manufacturing. You’ll learn how to stand out on the market, implement actionable strategies and achieve distribution & manufacturing brilliance.

B2B Online brings together the most experienced folks in B2B: Coca Cola, HP, Bosch, Toyota, Dell, and others.

Registration Fee

Entrance is $2,399 for manufacturers and distributors and $3,699 for solution providers.

Gartner Marketing Symposium (June 3 – 5)

Are you willing to incite digital marketing transformation? Do you strive to create a coherent multi-channel strategy that’ll attract quality leads? We bet you do. In that case, be sure to visit Gartner Marketing Symposium.

Its agenda stands on 3 pillars: marketing leadership, marketing innovation and strategic advice. Everything a marketer loves.

Registration Fee

Early-bird pricing at $4,275 expires April 5, 2024. Standard rate is $4,825, with a public-sector price of $4,050, applicable to national, state, or local government employees upon verification.

MAICON (September 10-12)

Artificial intelligence is more powerful than ever, yet many companies are still doubting its benefits in their B2B business context. Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) is designed to introduce you to the world of AI, its challenges and valuable tools.

You don’t need to be a tech guru or have any prior experience in programming to fit in at MAICON as it’s targeted at non-technical audiences.

Registration Fee

Ticket prices increase after Feb. 23, 2024.

FinCon 2024 (October 22-24)

This event places particular emphasis on content creation: Youtubers, podcasters, bloggers etc. If we’re talking B2B marketing, there’s a considerable amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs here, including affiliate marketing.

FinCon24 is the place to meet the right people, build solid friendships and promote your products in the content creation community. Human relationships are always the most valuable currency.

The conference is held both virtually and in-person (Atlanta, GA).

Content Marketing World (October 21-23)

This conference is hosted in a hybrid format: you can either attend it in San Diego, CA or through your devices online (which we suggest you do ?).

The workshop covers “every aspect of content marketing”, so you won’t just be learning the ropes. Through more than 100 sessions, experts will share their in-depth knowledge on creating epic content, building a productive team, and the nuances of networking in the content marketing community.

And if you’re still on the fence, you should know that Content Marketing World has been approved by giants like Microsoft, Nestle, Volvo, Walmart, and an ongoing list of giants. Pretty credible, right? We know, we know?

Registration Fee

Prices start from $1,999 for the AllAaccess Package, and $899 for the Digital Pass.

Strategic Marketing West 2024 (May 8–9)

“Master Data-driven Creativity”

It’s no secret that the pandemic has made thousands (if not millions) of B2B companies victims of the circumstances. The agenda of the Strategic Marketing conference, however, lends a helping hand in the context of the current business challenges.

This is a 100% virtual event that educates attendees on innovation and leveraging trends. It gathers the world’s most prominent personas to discuss the effect of brands on society, set new benchmarks and lay out the future of marketing for the upcoming year.

The primary purpose of Strategic Marketing USA is to present innovative tactics for adjusting to the significant changes in the modern business world.

Registration Fee

The cost depends on who you’re registering as.

Inbound 2024 (September 18-20)

A group of professionals passionate specifically about inbound marketing get together to discuss the most effective tactics of satisfying clients that can also benefit your B2B business.

You can upgrade yourself and meet new friends while staying home. Inbound 2021 isn’t just about reaching KPIs, generating new leads or growing revenue. It’s about building a better, kinder world where every individual feels safe and respected.

Last year’s speakers included John Legend, Cliff Obrecht, Yamini Rangan and others.

Registration Fee

Prices start from $899.

MarketingProfs B2B Forum (November 12-14)

The name of this event says it all. It’s a get-together of prominent business professionals to share their tips and tricks on revenue-friendly marketing tactics and strategies. Through international Q&A sessions, you’ll be able to ask any questions and get first hand answers.

Another cool thing about MarketingProfs is that with a ticket, you get year-long access to all their resources so that it’s possible to review the training whenever you want.

Registration Fee

The prices start from $1,895.

LavaCon Content Strategy Conference (October 27-30)

LavaCon might be the finest platform for building professional relationships that last for decades. Initially started in Hawaii to help organizations lower costs through cutting-edge publishing technologies, LavaCon has grown into a community of experts who share their know-how, network with fellow professionals and explore new trends in the content world.

Perfect for specialists who want to stay ahead of the content marketing game.

Registration Fee

Register now for the in-person tuition at $2,450 before they post the program.

SMX (several options throughout the year)

SMX is perfect for marketing analytics experts, SEO and SEM specialists, B2B entrepreneurs, and other folks related to marketing. More than 70,000 international professionals have attended SMX and claimed its efficiency in terms of increased sales, improved conversions and brand awareness.

Registration Fee

Check the desired event for pricing info. A Full calendar is already available.

Summing Up

As you can tell, 2024 is full of digital B2B marketing events to attend. Just find the one that suits your needs and upgrade yourself from the comfort of your own home. Business mixed with pleasure!?

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