Top Marketing Automation Software to Try Out in 2024

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In 2024, marketing automation software is a must. The challenge is to pick the right tool to fit your marketing strategy, budget, and goals.

Here are the solutions to rescue teams from routine, boost sales, and automate the essential areas of marketing  content generation, SMM, and email marketing.

Marketing Automation: Top Tools to Test in 2024

AI-Based Content Generation Software

Content creation sometimes exhausts you, but these AI-based tools were developed to help you out.


Curata’s Content Curation Software (CCS) uses ML algorithms to detect the most relevant information on the web, and let content managers cut down the time they spend checking industry news and fresh ideas.

Just plug in a couple of keywords, and the AI will return a list of recent blog articles, social media posts, and relevant news. Use filters not to look through thousands of content pieces offered.

So, you get an organized, easily searchable, and prioritized content base that is updated every 15 minutes. Curata also offers related pictures that are open to the public so that you could use them for long reads, ad campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media posts.


Clearscope’s SEO text editor can help you grow traffic and get to Google’s first page.

Just start drafting your content using the Clearscope text editor. When the headline (or the first sentence) is done, the AI instantly analyzes it using several criteria: content grade, word count, and readability.

Also, it offers a list of concepts for you to consider they look like keywords highly related to your topic. These phrases can be filtered by importance, heading presence, and unused terms.

Then, you can use these insights and recommendations to boost SEO optimization, strengthen your content, and boast responsive customer support and success.

Story Chief

Story Chief makes the life of content managers much easier, allowing them to fit layouts and picture sizes to various platforms and accelerate team collaboration.

No need to explore differently structured performance reports from multiple platforms you used to work on. No need to resend multiple links to teammates. Story Chief lets content makers create text and invite teammates to join quickly. As a result, the whole squad is editing the document and sharing insights in real-time. Sounds nice, right?

Once the content pieces are approved, you publish it on all platforms in a single click.


Unlike previous content marketing tools, Outgrow offers more interactive and highly engaging content to your target audience including polls, quizzes, forms, and surveys. Based on the results of the game or giveaway, respondents will be forwarded to different call-to-actions. Useful, huh?

Due to thorough A/B testing, Outgrow’s layouts are optimized for all screen sizes and various browsers. One can customize any template with colors, brand styles, fonts, images, and logos and embed interactive content in a full-screen size or as a frame, popup, or chatbot window.
Users can also boost their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter content by adding Like, Share, and Follow buttons.

The platform helps analyze conversion rates and each user’s behavior to detect drop-off points. As a result, you have a weapon to improve your marketing performance.

Email Marketing Automation Tools

Providing relevant and personalized content to your subscribers is a must, a challenge, and… a real pleasure! If done automatically.


This integrated platform harnesses the power of behavioral tracking, encompassing social media engagement and keyword mentions, to identify potential buyers exhibiting purchase intent, while also automating personalized email outreach tailored to their specific behaviors, streamlining the sales process and maximizing conversion opportunities for businesses.


AWeber is a great tool for designing emails. It boasts access to Canva images to help personalize every email and make it look more professional. Setting outreach campaigns allows marketers to save time on priority tasks.

With AWeber, you can tag (manually or automatically) each client or subscriber and send them relevant emails. The platform shows extensive stats on email opening, link clicking, made purchases, and money spent.

Constant Contact

If you are new to email marketing, Constant Contact has an Email Template Builder to help you out. Feel free to browse the web, find the example there, and edit it with easy-to-master tools.
Once the campaign is launched, use comprehensive analytics and reports to analyze and accelerate your email marketing performance.

Apart from email marketing automation, Constant Contact uses AI to help you build a decent SEO—and a mobile-optimized website, along with an online shopping platform.


Atomizy focuses on increasing the open rate of your email campaigns. If you feel confused about structuring your text and images, an excellent drag-and-drop email builder will come to help.

The software allows you to make sure subject lines are engaging enough and motivate users to open your email. It checks over one million web resources in no time and scores your wording.

Plus, Atomizy offers tools for creating landing pages and responsive sign-up forms and can be integrated with Unbounce, Clearout, Elementor, and other relevant tools.

Consider the fact the Atomizy team is very responsive. They are eager to hear suggestions and insights from their users and bring them to life.

Get Response

Get Response promises more opens and clicks on your emails, offers excellent email templates and design instruments to achieve such a result.

Time Travel and Perfect Timing features allow prospects to get your emails just in time to take the action you need. And to help you create stunning messages, Get Response prepared various layouts and designs. Add free pictures and GIFs to make emails more personal, warm, interactive, and engaging.

The company itself boasts more than 20 years of email marketing experience, so it definitely should be given a chance.


Infobip is a nice tool to create catchy emails and improve their open rate rapidly. With this tool, you can create brand template libraries and use comfortable preview options to be 100% sure before sending.

The tool determines incorrect addresses and keeps your reputation clear with a dedicated IP, proper warm-up, and email validation. And user-friendly reports illustrate email performance: delivery, clicks, and the number of openings.

Other products of this brand include WhatsApp Business, a mobile app, SMS messaging, voice, and other push notifications and in-app messaging options.

Social Media Marketing Automation Tools

We all live on social media but creating, scheduling, and publishing another post manually is insane. Try one of these little helpers to simplify this process.


With Buffer, telling your social media audience about your brand comes naturally and effortlessly. With its simple dashboard, one can create, send, and analyze Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook posts. Buffer helps schedule social media posts, reminds users to share Stories, and assists in comments generation.

Sync every post with your marketing team to ensure it meets all the brand requirements and gets approved before going live. With Buffer’s visual representation of a content plan, one can gain insights and notice what can be improved. But nothing is as informative as Buffer’s performance reports with their in-depth analytics.

Facelift Cloud

Facelift Cloud is an official partner of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram; that’s why you will always be among the first to know about social media trends and updates on those platforms. This tool is secure due to its compliance with ISO 27001 and GDPR, so companies of all sizes can trust their data to this solution.

Unified Inbox aggregates all questions, comments, or conversations from every social media channel and community. One can prioritize messages from WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google my business, or Twitter with automated alerts and tags to save time.

The Moderation Module will alert any critics about your brand from influencers, in incoming posts, or in comments. Respond to them yourself or forward the task to your support team.

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar’s main feature is its large library of content. So, when you get busy with other tasks and lose sight of your social media accounts, this platform can keep sharing saved posts on Facebook groups and accounts, LinkedIn personal and business pages, your Instagram feed, and Stories, Pinterest, and Twitter. It also organizes posts by categories and allows storing up to five variations of one post in the evergreen library.

Actually, you don’t even have to create posts. Instead, add a relevant link and enjoy the generated social updates. Meet Edgar scans the plugged-in text and determines catchy phrases, worthy ideas, or quotes that can be published immediately or left for the future.

Social Pilot

This is one of the most cost-effective tools for SMM automation. If you have several Facebook pages, your Social Inbox brings them all in one place.

To ensure that your clients and community members don’t wait too long for a response, empower your teammates to answer by giving them access to your Social Inbox.

To personalize your replies and make them lively, Social Pilot offers a stack of pictures and GIFs. If you want to share your own or other blog posts with your audience, add the RSS feed URL to this platform and get it automated. Or, if you want to be notified about updates on favorite resources, just do the same and forget about checking tons of platforms manually.

Also, Social Pilot will automatically do hashtag marketing for you so that interested users can find your posts easily.

Sprout Social

Sprout’s intuitive tools will help you post to various social networks in one click. This instrument’s algorithms will advise on the optimal time to publish a post. You are welcome to see performance reports, engage, or publish from your smartphone using the Sprout Social app.

All posting activities are aggregated in a visualized calendar that you can filter by campaigns, networks, and profiles. Here, a content manager can upload and edit photos and videos, creating his own centralized library.

If you need inspiration or a couple of ideas, use content suggestion features. And, once you work with colleagues, use a collaborative content calendar.


That’s it for now, but we’ll come back with more awesome tools for marketing automation.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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