Use Case for a VR Solution

Discover how we helped achieve a 2x increase in revenue by launching event-based outreach campaigns and utilizing prospect tracking from their CRM.

03 Mar 2023

Results for 6 months:


sales calls were booked

Client: is digital architectures and scientists bureau with high-experienced pioneers and leaders in new digital directions.

Our client had a database of 19,000 prospects in their CRM and wanted to enhance sales by implementing cross-selling and upselling strategies to existing prospects while expanding their sales funnel and acquiring new leads.

Using location change triggers, our client identified which past clients opened offices in new locations. Leveraging these triggers, they offered prospects new services focused on marketing material localization, mainly focusing on fintech companies.

– Average open rate: 35.11%
– Average response rate: 17.29%
– 50+ sales calls were booked

As a company specializing in data-driven marketing services, it is essential for us to reach out to the right decision-makers at the right time. With Signum.AI, we identified and analyzed our ICP, developed personalized messaging, and optimized our outreach strategy.
Thank you again for your excellent support.

Yulia Kulikova

Chief Business Development Officer