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Best for

— Logistics and Supply Chain Management
— Technology Solutions Providers
— Insurance

Why it Matters

Reaching out to your current champion when they change their location is crucial for maintaining and strengthening your relationship, understanding their evolving needs, identifying upselling opportunities, addressing concerns, and ultimately building trust and loyalty.

How to Use

Sales Potential

Localized Support: Offer tailored assistance and support services specific to their new location, ensuring they have access to resources and expertise that understand the local market dynamics and regulations.

Expanded Network: Highlight your expanded network capabilities in the new location, showcasing how your broader reach can benefit their business by opening up new opportunities, partnerships, and markets.

Customized Solutions: Propose customized solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by their new location, demonstrating your ability to adapt and tailor your offerings to meet their evolving needs.

Communication Approach

Warm Congratulations: Start the communication with warm congratulations on their recent change of location. This sets a positive tone and acknowledges the significance of their transition.

Express Support: Express your support and commitment to them during this period of change. Let them know that you are available to assist with any challenges or questions they may have related to their new location.

Inquire about Needs: Ask open-ended questions to understand how their change of location may impact their business and what specific needs or concerns they may have as a result. This demonstrates your attentiveness and willingness to address their individual requirements.

Sample Email

Subject: Congratulations on Your Move!


Hi {{Name}},

Congratulations on your move to the new location! 🎉

Just a quick note to let you know that we’re here to help make the transition smooth for you. If you have any questions or need assistance with your insurance coverage in the new area, feel free to reach out.


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