Current champion -> Change of location

How to upsell to an existing champion who already knows you and has changed their location:


1. Update Contact Information: Make sure you have the champion’s updated contact information, including their new location and contact details.


2. Reconnect and Congratulate: Reach out to them with a personalized message congratulating them on their change of location. Express your continued interest in their success.


3. Highlight Relevant Solutions: Emphasize any products or services that are particularly relevant to their new location or circumstances. Explain how your offerings can address their specific needs.


4. Case Studies and Success Stories: Share case studies or success stories of similar customers who benefited from your solutions after changing locations. Highlight the positive outcomes.


5. Offer a Consultation: Offer a free consultation or product demonstration tailored to their new location. Show them how your offerings can make a difference in their current situation.


6. Provide Special Offers: Consider offering special promotions or discounts for customers who have recently changed locations. This can incentivize them to explore your offerings.


7. Follow-up: After your initial outreach, continue to follow up and maintain communication. Be responsive to their questions and needs.


The key is to adapt your approach to their new circumstances and demonstrate how your products or services are valuable in their changed location.

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