Current champion -> Mention of keywords on social media

How to leverage a keyword mention in social media to engage with the current champion:


1. Monitor Social Media: Keep a close eye on social media platforms for any mentions of the keyword relevant to your product or service.


2. Identify the Champion: If you spot a mention from your current champion that includes the keyword, take note of it.


3. Engage in Conversation: Respond to the champion’s mention with a thoughtful and personalized message. Acknowledge their mention of the keyword and express your interest in their insights or experience related to it.


4. Offer Support: Offer your support, assistance, or additional information related to the keyword. Show that you are there to help and provide value.


5. Share Relevant Content: If you have relevant content or resources related to the keyword, share it with the champion. This can further establish your expertise and credibility.


6. Build a Relationship: Use this opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the champion. Ask open-ended questions, seek their opinions, and encourage further discussion.


4. Private Message: If appropriate, consider sending a private message to continue the conversation in a more personalized and direct manner.


8. Stay Consistent: Keep monitoring social media for keyword mentions from the champion and continue to engage with them over time.


By proactively engaging with your current champion when they mention the keyword, you can strengthen your relationship and demonstrate your commitment to their success.

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