10 Ways to Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing Campaigns With AI

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Most of us (our bet is everyone reading this article) have an inbox and check emails every day. That’s why email remains one of the most effective and reliable marketing tools, and open rates remain high.

Now, with AI, email marketing doesn’t take a lot of time. By basing your campaign on accurate data, the results are often better than basing them on a hunch. Combining this approach with automated tools makes for a powerful strategy and no (or almost no) routine work at all.

How Can AI Help With Email Marketing?

With AI email marketing tools, you can send relevant content to your existing customers based on their previous interactions with you (purchases, website pages visited, email letters opened etc.) Knowing that you can send emails that will be more likely opened and engaged with.

Storing all the data about your customers in one place (CRM that can be connected or included in your email marketing software), you can have multiple customer segments and send content tailored for each segment individually.

Not only can you connect with current customers, but you can also reach new ones effortlessly with Signum.AI. Through outreach campaigns and handy tools, finding and engaging warm audiences becomes a breeze. Seriously, we’re not kidding! For instance, Signum.AI simplifies the process, making it easy to discover and connect with potential clients who are genuinely interested. No more cold calls – just smart outreach that builds connections and boosts your business.

What can be improved with AI?

Generation and Personalization of Subject Lines

Subject lines are a crucial element of any email campaign. They play an essential role in any users’ decision to open an email.

With AI, it’s easy — it uses algorithms to generate subject lines that will attract a higher click-through rate. It analyzes the results of each individual marketing campaign to optimize and improve your subject lines over time.

Generation and Personalization of Email Content

The entire email content can also be automated to personalize emails based on previous interactions and data trends. For example, recommend products that a particular customer is likely interested in and insert these products into email communications.

However, perhaps more interestingly, AI can produce emails that are optimized for a higher engagement rate using a combination of different types of content. For instance, how each segment or a particular client reacted to emails sent previously.

For any company with a large client base, this level of personalization would be impossible, given the time and resources involved. Plus, the overall results would be much higher because users are already familiar with the content (as they were engaging with it before) when they open an email, so they are much more likely to take their next step.

Automation of the Entire Delivery Process

Most companies already have some sort of email distribution software. You press one button, and emails go to the entire list — this is no surprise.

With AI, we can go deeper and break your marketing campaign into hundreds of sub-campaigns, structure and send them to different audiences, and deliver them on an optimized timetable.

Optimization of Email Distribution Times

As we’ve just mentioned, AI can optimize the time when the open rates are the best — decisions on when (exact time of the day) and how often (weekly/bi-weekly/daily) to send.

On top of that, you are able to optimize not only “when” and “how often,” but also “who.” In other words, you can automate time on an individual basis. If before, all emails were sent to the entire list of users at one time, now you can send hyper-personalized messages to individual customers at different times based on their demographics and previous interactions.

Optimizing email distribution times is only possible with automation. Why not take the next step and see what’s possible with AI?

A New Level of Segmentation

Before, potential and existing customers were grouped based on such basic information as age, demography, and purchase history. Now, with automation tools in hand, you can use more specific behavioral signals; signals such as emails opened, if links inserted into the email body were followed or not, which emails got the most engagement, and even what actions were taken afterwards. All for each individual customer!

Having this information, you can group them on a more content-specific basis, and design your email campaigns to hit the target for each user.


Retargeting is a very effective tool because it gives you the chance to gently remind customers about your business and prompt them towards the next step, or complete an unfinished action as a new or existing client.

Here are a few examples of how AI tools can be used to enhance your retargeting strategy.

Example 1. A customer added items to their shopping cart but did not complete the checkout process. end an automated email saying something like, “Hello, we’ve noticed that you haven’t completed your order. Here’s a bonus for you — free delivery.”

Example 2. You can send an email with helpful content after they’ve left your website based on what pages they visited. Depending on the content they were interested in, you might want to include such content as product recommendations (if they were looking through your products) or other helpful info (if they were reading your blog posts).

Generating Images

Visual content can support your email text, reinforce them, and include information that is sometimes difficult to communicate through text. This is an essential tool for e-commerce stores selling physical products or as a part of a sales announcement.

In the first case, your subscribers want to see the actual product in action — a garment or an electronic device. In the second case, they don’t always have time to read text paragraphs in your emails — images become essential to understand the discount immediately. But even if none of this is your case, photos easily add context to any story.

Going through images manually can become a pain in the ass and shot in the dark. With AI, you can also generate visual media, such as generating image creatives and optimizing them for your email templates.

Ready-made Templates

One of the reasons that might be keeping you from getting the desired level of engagement with your emails is poor design. Imagine that you got your subject lines right, so customers open them and what they see is an amateurish email body where all the lines and images are a mess. Congratulations, you’ve just wasted all of your precious efforts.

With pre-designed email templates, you don’t need to wrack your brains about colors and fonts, the position of CTAs, images, or contacts as everything has been already put in order by experts.

Keeping Data in Order

AI-powered email software can help you to keep all your customer data in order. If the contact is outdated and non-responsive, it will delete them from the list. Suppose any other client information such as the job title or phone numbers were changed in your CRM system (connected to your email marketing software). In that case, it will automatically be updated in your email contact lists.

Thus you will get improved deliverability and personalization across emails in the process so that no detail has gone unnoticed.

Analyzing the Results and Adjusting Content

As you may have noticed, AI-powered email marketing tools allow you to play around with many variables — links, subject lines, CTAs, send times, etc. And the good news is that you don’t have to do it manually. In fact, replicating such tasks manually is impossible.

After dozens of emails sent, AI starts to learn what customers click, what subject lines got them, what sort of text and visual content was more engaging, what CTAs worked the best, etc. You don’t have to rely on your gut instinct. You can be sure that everything will be sent to the right customer and at the right time, no matter what.

Summing Up

Email marketing automation is already a highly prized part of any successful company’s toolbox. From spreadsheet databases to CRM software, a sophisticated email strategy that can be maintained without hundreds of person-hours is a considerable advantage.

Now we have the opportunity to refine such processes even further with the use of AI. So now is the time to take full advantage of it!

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