30 Post Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media (With Cool Examples!)

30 post ideas

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There’s nothing worse for marketers than creative block. If you’re reading this article, we bet you know what we mean. When it comes to SMM, it’s easy to have a meltdown when you need to create a bunch of different, engaging posts in no time. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one. We all seek inspo periodically to navigate through these moments and get our creative juices flowing again, especially when coming up with creative social media post examples.

If you feel like you could also use some help, check out our list of top 30 ideas for posts that’ll perk up your social media and keep your audience engaged. Let’s get into it!

Employee’s Photo & Quote

Posting a picture of your employee helps build a personal connection with your audience. Add a witty quote or fun biography to it, and you’re good to go!

Motivational Quote

Brands that make their audiences feel empowered have excellent reputations and super loyal customers. We’ll go first: “Never forget about motivational quotes!”

Here’s another example:

Tips & Life Hacks

Who couldn’t use a cool life hack? A few tips about your product or company will do the trick. ?

Short Videos

This never gets old, no matter the trends. Short (under 1 minute) & catchy video content is an excellent way to boost engagement and retention rates. And don’t forget about TikTok!

Look how Walmart does it!


Show us a person who doesn’t like a good laugh. Exactly, there isn’t one.. Memes (especially trending ones) are a great way to spice your social media accounts.


Basically, take any (well, almost) offline game and bring it on social media. People like to play, either online or in-person!

This is how Away does it.


Fun, exciting puzzles and riddles. Just look at this emoji pictionary! ?

Credits to Cinchshare

Polls & Surveys

Users love sharing their opinion. Just come up with a burning question and use the results to improve your service. You could, for example, ask something like “What should our next post be about?” or “Which product is your favorite?” Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Stories work best for this.

Company News

Getting a new workspace? Introducing a new product? Any other exciting news? Feel free to share it with your audience.


If you want to share a lot of info, there’s no better way than through a colorful and catchy infographic — also a great option for posting statistics.

Tip: Infographics are usually vertical, but nobody said you can’t make them horizontal (depending on a platform).

Behind-The-Scenes Looks

Clients want to see exclusive stuff unavailable to others. Give them a sneak peek of your new project, share details of the shipping process, create a cool pic/video of your office, and post it. Anything that makes them feel like an insider.

Contests & Giveaways

You’d think giveaways and contests are now history, but rewarding your followers with tempting prizes never gets old. Host a giveaway and watch new people come to your channels.

Influencer & Expert Content

Pair up with a famous influencer, ask them to generate great things to post, and then do it on both accounts. Just make sure their brand identity matches yours.


GIFs, or short animated pics, are a cool, fun and simple way to spice up your social media. Not only are they popular on Twitter and Facebook, but also on Instagram!

You can either use Giphy’s library or create your own GIFs.


Animations have the best of both worlds: regular videos and GIFs. Short and colorful cartoons, who wouldn’t like them? ?

User-Generated Content

If your fans often post videos and photos featuring your product or services, why not share them on your brand’s page too? With credits, of course.

Instagram & Facebook Stories

Stories are way more popular than posts — take advantage of that. The rule of thumb when it comes to creating Insta & Facebook stories: they should be colorful, simple and visually appealing.

Posts by Guest

Self-explanatory, right?

Have a guest (expert or influencer) take over your brand’s social media account for a set period of time to post content they like.

Just like LA Kings did with actress Retta on Twitter.

Teasers & Previews

Everyone hates spoilers but loves a good teaser! Create a short video/photo about an upcoming project and have your audience crave more details.

Apple are pros at this! Just check out their 2019 iPhone 11 presentation.

Press Mentions

Have any famous media praised your brand recently? Brag about it! Positive press mentions make you more credible and trustworthy in your followers’ eyes.

Important: Don’t forget to tag the relevant media source.

Industry News

What’s going on in your industry? Upcoming conferences? Trends going viral? Any other exciting updates? Sharing this kind of news positions you as the industry leader.

Product Photos

Pretty layouts of your products are still in style! Among the variety of other posts, don’t forget to show people what you actually offer.

Customer Feedback

Got positive client reviews? Share them! Posting (and reposting) satisfied customers’ opinions adds to your credibility — be it quotes or photos, posts or stories.

“On This Day in History” Posts

Find a fascinating fact/event that happened in your city on a specific date in history. Write about it. Enjoy the results.

If you can, tie the date to your brand’s identity. For example, you sell coffee, and your brand’s foundation date matches the national coffee day. Tell people about it!

Live Videos

Works best on Instagram. Just pick an exciting topic and let your followers know about the event beforehand. Go live!

Image Scrambles

Zoom in to one of your products or any other objects and have followers guess what they’re looking at. Such a comment booster!

Like, would you guess it’s a zucchini?

Fill-In-The-Blank Posts

This is where you can get creative. Make your followers complete your brand’s motto, guess a statistic, or ask any random question.

How-To’s & Tutorials

Sure your audience knows how to use your product? Is it multifunctional? Then show it! It never hurts to give a little tutorial on your product’s proper (and most productive!) usage.

Throwback Thursday & Flashback Friday Posts

Look at the calendar: what day of the week is it? We give a 30% chance it’s a Thursday or Friday. Well, it’s a great starting point.

Post a pic from your brand’s archive and a couple words about it. People like to walk down memory lane.

Answer FAQs

Is there one question you keep receiving over and over again? Create a carousel (or highlights on Instagram — see example) of most frequently asked questions and answers to them. Simplify your followers’ life!

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there’s a spoonful of ways to liven up your social media accounts. Just experiment and get creative.

Good luck! ?

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Boost your revenue today

Сhat with our expert on how to turn existing CRM contacts into revenue