Creating Engaging B2B Copy: Top Idea Sources that Companies Can Seek Inspiration From

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Don’t read further until you think of the five words you associate with engaging content. Ready? Let’s check if we think the same way!

Helpful, humorous, story-telling, relevant, and fresh. Does your B2B sales & marketing copy — blog posts, ad taglines, landing page copy, cold email subjects, etc. — fit this description?

If not, you’ve come across the right article. If yes, you still did. Here are 10 idea sources that will inspire you to constantly create engaging B2B content pieces and generate more B2B leads!

Top Idea Sources for Efficient B2B Content Generation

BuzzSumo Content Analyzer

This platform is a real catch! You enter a keyword into the Content Analyzer and search the web.Then, the tool returns a list of the industry’s most popular articles. You can sort the results by engagement on various social platforms and filter them across countries, languages, or periods.

When you know readers’ responses to specific topics and monitor your industry influencers, you can learn from the best. Why not pick and combine several of these trendy ideas to then use in your newsletter or blog post?


Last year, the average open rate for cold B2B emails in 2020 was 18%. Not that much, right? Because it’s really challenging to intrigue your prospect, sound relevant, and bring value in 10-15 words of the email subject and opening line. Sometimes it’s harder than writing another blog post.

Lemlist can help you out with that. Read Lemlist’s blog, join their Facebook community, and look through their library filled with useful examples to get plenty of excellent wordings, useful techniques, cool tips, and outreach-related life hacks.

Competitors’ Websites & Blogs

We know you track your competitors. And that’s great. However, don’t pay attention to their offers, products and services exclusively. Keep a close eye on the content they produce too, from their landing page copy to their blog posts. Analyze, draw conclusions, get inspired, and take action.


Yeah, you shouldn’t only read to get inspired. You should also listen. Subscribe to educational podcasts related to your area, listen to episodes with discussion or interviews with your industry leaders, or learn about your colleagues’ and competitors’ success stories.

For example, if you are into marketing, join Actionable Marketing Podcast from CoSchedule to get your regular dose of inspiration.

Case Studies

Exploring B2B case studies — what can be more helpful for coming up with relevant and useful content pieces like blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing campaigns? Again, check what cases your competitors dealt with, and what cases are discussed in thematic forums and Facebook communities (don’t be afraid of going beyond your area). What were the goals, tasks, issues addressed, and solutions implemented? Investigate, get inspired, and create useful posts based on your analysis.

Trend Newsletters

One of the most proven ways to get inspired with fresh and topical ideas for your ad creatives, blog posts, or email campaigns is to keep a close eye on trends: growing markets, viral lifestyle tendencies, promising companies, and trending products and services that have been meeting high demand,

How to stay up-to-date? Easy-peasy — subscribe for trend newsletters. For instance, the Trend Newsletter by lets you discover market trends, get valuable statistics, and learn how to capitalize on them. Why not read every week to stay in the loop?

Your Audience

Yes, you got us right. Your audience should be one of your key sources of inspiration. Just ask your prospects about their needs. What challenges do they face? What content do they expect to get from you?
Talk to your clients, launch an online survey, text your leads… just find a way to ask a few questions and you will be amazed by the outcome! That will be cooperation both you and your followers benefit from. You will know what to write about with a nearly 100% positive outcome, and readers will treat you with likes, comments, and reposts.
Higher engagement rate, growing loyalty, wider outreach… B2B content creator paradise!

Team Brainstorming

Don’t forget about your team either. No matter how small it is: even if you have five colleagues, engage them in brainstorming. Secure the no-judgment, all-ideas-accepted atmosphere and teamwork. These people know your company from the inside; they breathe the same air as you, so let them contribute.

If you have an opportunity to meet offline (happy you!), try the Brainwriting technique. Let everyone sit around the table, provide each team member with a pen and a single sheet of paper, give them all two minutes to write one idea, and ask them to pass the sheet to the person sitting on the right. We bet you get the idea: the next person reads the previous notion, writes theirs below, and passes the sheet to the next colleague. When everyone receives their paper back, the ‘game’ stops. In the end, three people generate nine ideas. And five make twenty-five! Who knows what great ideas you will have to choose from, huh?

Well, If you stick to online meetings or find this method quite old-fashioned (still efficient, though), just use the Miro board instead. 🙂

Top Google Searches

Yes, good old Google. Trivial? Not really, considering the fact few people really use this simplest tool. But top Google search results are very helpful: you can get clued into what your potential audience requires in terms of content.

Also, practice googling. Have an idea that you want to develop? Google it! FIrst, you’ll see the context it will appear in. Second, you’ll get new inspiration while looking through the popular websites that appear in the search. Third, you’ll understand what SEO optimization is and will be able to fine tune your own website in a similar way.

If you search for something more specific, remember to use quotation marks (to find words in a specific order), hyphens (to exclude words), or colons (to search for particular sites).

If you need to find similar sites to what you’ve already discovered, try ‘related:[web address].’ The ‘link:[web address]’ combination will let you know the resources that have links to the entered page. The last two are examples of Google Search Operators, and there are more.

Apart from search categories (all, news, videos, images), you can filter the results through ‘Tools’ with time frames. The ‘Past week’ or ‘Past 24 hours’ results will give you the pool of recent content pieces.

Easy? Yes. Often used? Not really, which is a pity. But we know you’ll enhance this statistic (if you really want to create a powerful copy and attract more B2B leads).

We’ve listed 10 idea sources you can use to boost your creativity to generate and deliver engaging content. Get the most out of them! 😉

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Boost your revenue today

Сhat with our expert on how to turn existing CRM contacts into revenue