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Our AI-based algorithms analyze blogs, forums, portals and social media, and find important signals that indicate the emergence of a new trend.
Our analyst collect facts
Our analysts scrutinizes the information obtained from the AI systems, finds the reasons for the emergence of trends and collects confirming facts.
You receive an email report
Following the research, our analysts prepare reports that you receive in your inbox every two weeks.
We constantly analyze over 300,000 blogs, forums, portals and social media accounts to keep track of the emergence of new trends at the earliest stages. With the help of predictive analytics tools and a strong team of analysts, we can determine the current and future trends.
Learn about the products, services, markets and companies that will be popular tomorrow
Popular products and service
Section of new products and services whose demand is rapidly inceasing.
Growing markets
Information about new fast-growing markets.
Promising companies
List of the most discussed and promising companies.
Fashion, style and lifestyle.
Expert opinions
Every month we invite 1-2 niche experts to share their forecasts for the future.
Useful documentation
Market research, important statistics and new laws.
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“ is seriously my new favorite tool to keep track of emerging trends and tools.”
Brandon Uttley
Founder and CEO - Go For Launch
“I use, daily, to spot current trends and search for promising startups. Good implementation, proper presentation, and high-quality analytics make this product stand out.“
Serge Milman
Managing Partner at Starta Ventures
“Just got your latest report, awesome! I like what you guys do.“
Bram Kanstein
Early-stage startup expert teaching nocodemvp.
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$5 / month
1 user
10 current trends in goods and services
10 emerging trends in goods and services
10 growing markets
10 nascent markets
10 popular startups
10 new startups with growing popularity
10 current lifestyle trends
10 emerging lifestyle trends
Forecasts from market experts
Important reports, studies and statistics
$250 / month
Unlimited users
Full access to all reports from the Basic tariff
Customized reports with the choice of industry
Up to 30 trends in each selected industry
Up to 30 important events (hypes) in each selected industry
Up to 30 influencers in each selected industry
Up to 30 new startups in each selected industry
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