Monitor Supply Chain Sustainability Risks

Our AI platform helps identify potential risks in supply chain sustainability by collecting and analyzing data on your stakeholders’ activity from social networks, job postings, news portals, and more

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One Platform, Analyzing Millions of Sources, Providing Actionable Insights

Collecting Data From a Vast Array of Sources

Our platform gathers unstructured data from niche media, blogs, forums, and more

AI Analyzing Large Datasets and Extracting Insights

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, we summarize and analyze the collected data

Risk Notifications for Proactive Response

Our platform generates real-time risk notifications based on AI analysis

Signals We Can Track

Person Position Change

Congratulate your contact on their promotion and send a new offer to fill new needs

Person Job Change

Don’t lose touch with the company when your decision-maker leaves for another

Person Location Change

Congratulate your decision makers on their recent move, and extend your assistance to help them settle into their new location

Keywords mention

Respond promptly when your decision-maker reaches out for assistance on social media

Fundraising Underway

By monitoring the launch of your clients’ new fundraisers, extend your assistance to them at the right moment

Funding Type Change

When a company closes a funding round, numerous new demands arise, offer the ideal solution at the perfect moment and secure the deal

Open vacancy

Identify your client’s new needs by tracking their job openings

Interaction with a competitor

Catch the moment when one of your current customers begins to interact with your competitors


Couldn’t find a trigger that fits your needs? Let us know which events you’d like to track, and we’ll make every effort to incorporate them as soon as possible

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Customers Say

“Excellent product! I have used Signum’s solution within two organizations in edtech and fintech spheres. It helped us to close deals quickly with optimized personalization.”

– Kristina Zabolotskaya

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– Maxim M

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“ has created a great solution that we use to find new investors for our fund and send them hyper-personalized offers.”

– Serge Milman

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“Awesome tool! Caught good signals to close deals.”

– Alex Kondrashtina

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“Signum.AI solutions helped us to improve our cold outreach efforts to IT teams.”

– Kirill Yarkov

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“Signum.AI tools helped us generate more qualified leads and optimize email outreach through potential customer tracking and real-time alerts.”

– Irina Pozdnyakova

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“As a company specializing in data-driven marketing services, it is essential for us to reach out to the right decision-makers at the right time.”

– Yulia Kulikova

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“Signum.AI did a great job really understanding our needs and working with us over multiple iterations to really dial the lead quality.”

– Trapper Markelz

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“It is really very useful that Signum.AI finds the most relevant triggers in the industry”

– Kate K

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“We’ve been working with Signum.AI since the end of July and have been satisfied with the results so far.”

– Stepan S

5 /5
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