5 Tips to Generate High-Converting Content for Your Ad Campaigns and Landing Pages

Tips to Generate High-Converting Content

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Through effective content marketing, businesses can influence their target audience’s decisions and nudge them towards converting. Content marketing is the key to your client’s heart. You can convince, make doubts fall away, inspire trust, dismiss pain, sell and sell again with the benefit of a compelling narrative. 

The main problem here is that fitting the essence, correct tone, and appeal into the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can be tricky. Creating a perfect high-converting content piece is a sort of art. For all its effectiveness, the execution requires extensive effort. Lucky for you, we have some tricks up our sleeve.

Intrigued? Read along to learn about 5 tips to generate killer content. 😉

1. Create copy that goes straight to the heart

The banality of this advice reflects that it is the most important thing. You won’t compel your audience if the content somehow doesn’t benefit them on an individual level. It just won’t catch the client’s eye. 

1. Go from a problem to a decision.

To ensure your message’s effectiveness, address the info you already have about your audience’s mindset, purposes, and difficulties. Use your ICP to analyze what pains, doubts, and unresolved questions your audience may have. Draw the list of potential answers from the end user’s perspective. Thus take a detached and broader look, focusing on decisions instead of product representation. 

2. Divide and rule.

It’s a no-brainer; you should segment your audience. Yes, it takes a significant amount of time to research age, pain points, interests, gender, etc. Include triggers for each segment independently. But taking your time to tailor your messaging and copy returns many times the value of the work you put in.

3. Don’t forget about the value proposition and CTA.

Important what. A CTA makes your message clearer and more eye-catching. Keep it action-orientated. Give a hint at what they will get after clicking by adding the verb to the copy. 

Compelling why. A value proposition gives a reason to click on the ad. A straight-forward “value prop” incorporate a number or price into your copy to make a compelling reason to buy. 

2. Spy on your competitors

1. Research the ads

Have you ever tried to look at the competitors from within? Like spying at their ads? It can be achieved with some additional tools — there is plenty on the market. Try one of those: Adbeat, AdSpy, or Moat.

2. Know the inside out of their web site.

Not because you can catch some valuable clues of what is appealing to the same client base but, most importantly, to differentiate from competitors. 

3. Use GPT-3 based algorithms.

Using GPT-3 based solutions is the up-and-coming trend in content marketing. A powerful text generator developed by OpenAI, it operates by analyzing millions of speaking patterns and words to create an almost human-like copy. Here is an example of what it is capable of:  an article that was 100% written by Artificial Intelligence. 

Here is what you can use GPT-3-powered AI Content Generator for:

1. Uniques ad texts

Using just a few keywords and a short description, our algorithms can create 100% high-converting unique texts for your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google ad campaigns.

2. Compelling emails

You know how important the subject box is for an outreach campaign. Create hyper-personalized headlines using only a few words about your target audience.

3. Product and service descriptions

The power of our tool is so high that it can create product descriptions. Use it to outline the strengths of your products and services.

4. Blog ideas

Sometimes it has to find inspiration: we all have struggled with coming up with something decent, haven’t we? But with Content Generator, you can get an unlimited amount of ideas right at your fingertips. Add a few keywords, and voila – catchy and converting headlines! 

4. Stay short and on point

User’s attention span is 1.7 seconds when reacting to the ads and posts in the feed. So you have a tiny amount of time to catch the viewer’s eye. But don’t you worry, we got you covered! Here are some quick tips for shorter ad content:

1. Keep it short

According to the studies, it’s more effective to use shortened copy due to the short attention span. Don’t make the audience read thoroughly through your copy. For example, with Facebook messages, those below 80 characters get 66% more attention

2. Draw attention with a headline

According to the researchers, the perfect headline is five words, and that pattern is consistent through the years of research. 

3. Keep it even shorter in the headline

Due to the small attention span, it is wise to use shorter messages for headlines. There is research that explores 3-word-long phrases that perform the best. Start your message with them, and you will get much more engagement.  

These 3 words are:

Will make you (almost 9000 engagements)

This is why (4099 engagements)

Can we guess (3199 engagements)

4. Don’t forget the numbers

Another tip is to start your headline with a number. The results of this research showed that it resonated with 36% of all participants.

Most engaging numbers in headlines

Via BuzzSumo

5. Be creative

1. Don’t afraid to get negative

The audience may get sick and tired of the over-the-top positive messages — they make them skeptical about the authenticity. Surprising data show that including negative words like “never” or “worst” in the headlines gained a better CTR. Yes, this may go against the common wisdom and controversy but research back this data. Negative headlines cut to the chase in an honest fashion. 

2. Use emojis

The benefit of emojis is related to their emotional saturation — they reflect so quickly through non-verbal communication. Not only do they capture the essence of different emotions. When you scroll through the feed a flashy, bright, and picture-like emojis immediately catch your eye. Messages that included emojis gained an impressive 241% higher CTR

Bonus: by inserting an emoji into the text, you can make it shorter and more emotional at the same time.

Yes, content creation takes a lot of time and effort, and every detail counts. We hope these tips, and tricks will help you get a higher CTR!

Good luck! 🙂

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