Top 23 US Cannabis Marketing Agencies That Will Help You Reinforce Your Brand

Cannabis Marketing Agencies

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With many brands popping up, vague marketing rules, and state regulations, the cannabis business can be pretty challenging and competitive.

If you are not sure how to navigate the cannabis marketing world, the best approach is to hire a cannabis marketing agency. Cannabis specialized marketers are familiar with the industry specifics and know how to find the loopholes in restrictions to power your cannabis brand and reach new customers.

But how do you avoid getting lost in the sea of possibilities and make the right choice? We’ve picked the best cannabis marketing agencies for you. Moreover, we’ve divided them into groups based on their strengths so you won’t get lost.

Design and Branding

1. Cannabis Creative

Cannabis Creative is a full-service cannabis marketing agency from Massachusetts that brings together services from brand identity and packaging to all sorts of digital marketing.

Best at: design, branding, website development

Check out their inspiring portfolio!

2. Hig Hopes

Literally one of the best cannabis marketing agencies that offers branding and design services as well as digital marketing solutions.

Best at: design and branding, website development, digital marketing

3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a cannabis branding and design agency from Denver, Сolorado. They will not only help you with positioning and branding but will also tell the story of your brand with impactful content.

Best at: design, branding, content marketing

4. Fire Creative Branding

Do you feel your brand is not getting noticed because of the so-so design and branding? In this case, it’s time to turn to a company that works specifically to deliver high-quality design solutions — Fire Creative Branding.

Best at: design & branding

5. Green Street

Green Street is a west coast cannabis marketing agency specializing in branding. The unique thing about them is that they have a very passionate business approach. So if this is what you’re looking for, check them out.

Best at: design & branding

6. CannaPlanners

CannaPlanners is a full-service cannabis marketing agency. From brand development and packaging design, they have all your creative needs covered. Besides that, they can help you build a website and optimize it for SEO.

Best at: design, branding, website development

7. The Free Agency

Are you looking for someone outside the industry to give a fresh view but who is still passionate about the cannabis business? Check out The Free Agency!

Best at: design and branding, experiential marketing, brand ambassadors

Digital Advertising

8. MediaJel

MediaJel is a cannabis marketing agency in California. Their expertise is online advertising. Thanks to their machine learning software, they know how to increase your revenue and drive traffic to your website.

Best at: digital advertising, SEO, social media

By the way, they provide perhaps the best educational cannabis marketing content, so if you want to take your marketing skills to the next level, check out their blog. They really know their stuff.

9. CannaVerse Solutions

CannaVerse Solutions is one of the best cannabis marketing agencies with more than 40 years of experience and offices in New York and California. So if the length of the track record is essential to you, this is your best choice.

Best at: website development, digital advertising, SEO

Marketing Strategy

10. Hybrid

Hybrid cannabis marketing agency from Denver offers end-to-end unique marketing solutions. Perhaps, one of the most trustworthy agencies on the market due to over a decade of experience and a very individual approach.

Best at: marketing strategy & digital advertising

11. Calacann

Calacann is a cannabis marketing agency from California. Their robust suite provides unique marketing solutions routed in marketing strategies. So if you want all your marketing efforts to be aligned, their all-in-one service might be just right for you.

Best at: marketing strategy & digital advertising

12. Bud Marketers

Being on the market since 2002, Bud Marketers does it all under one roof, so if you are searching for the best cannabis marketing agency, it’s the right pick.

Best at: marketing strategy & branding

13. Hazy Marketing

Hazy Marketing values a customized marketing approach. They will tailor a marketing strategy that’s right for you and then spice it up with marketing automation tools.

Best at: marketing strategy & marketing automation

14. Herban Creative

Herban Creative will develop a website for your business, connect your brand with customers through branding and develop an integrated marketing strategy. Your customers won’t be able to help becoming loyal.

Best at: marketing strategy & branding

15. Cannabis Brands

Cannabis Brands is one of the best cannabis marketing agencies in Boston backed by over 20 years of experience. Market research, marketing strategy, branding, and website development are only a few of the services they provide. The good thing is that they always keep your marketing budget in mind, so big or small businesses are both welcome.

Best at: marketing strategy

Content Marketing

16. PufCreativ

Is quick-turn content creation your weak point? Here’s an agency that can quickly solve your problem — PufCreativ, a cannabis marketing agency from Denver, Colorado. Relatively new to the market but already quite well-established.

Best at: content marketing, social media strategies, design and branding

17. Greenlit

Not sure where to start? Then maybe identifying your brand strengths and weaknesses is an excellent place to begin. The good news is that Greenlit, a cannabis marketing agency from California, can do this like no one else. Moreover, video production is one of their strong points, so if you want to tell a story with the help of creative video content, here’s where you can do it..

Best at: video production & web design

18. Dope Creative

Dope Creative is another cannabis marketing agency from California. They make mind-blowing visual narratives to tell the brand stories on social media.

Best at: visual content production & social media marketing

19. KindTyme

KindTyme is a cannabis marketing agency that develops creative strategies. They offer a range of marketing services but what makes them stand out from the crowd is their incredible design team that creates 3D models and animations.

Best at: design, branding & media production


20. Growth Dispensary Marketing (GDM)

Is generating leads your main goal? Well, then don’t hesitate to contact the top cannabis email marketing agency based in Chicago — Growth Dispensary Marketing. They will optimize your website, help you to create high-converting email campaigns, and use their marketing automation tools to free up your managers’ time.

Best at: lead generation, SEO, email marketing

21. Boxwood Digital Marketing

Boxwood Digital Marketing is a cannabis marketing agency that uses a mix of marketing techniques such as SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing to make your business stand out online.

Best at: SEO & inbound marketing

22. GrowthMJ

GrowthMJ came to the cannabis market from a tech background which means that they didn’t hesitate to apply the best tech stack to empower their clients with highly relevant leads.

Best at: SEO & website development

23. Cannabound

Cannabound is a cannabis marketing agency from California. They are best at inbound marketing and SEO. If you know these are your weak points, they would be an excellent choice.

Best at: SEO & inbound marketing

Wrapping Up

Remember that each business is different, so it’s essential to choose a method of emphasizing its advantages that is well-suited, individualized and effective for that business. That’s why it’s sometimes better to turn to a marketing agency that can accurately determine your needs and build an action plan based on your target and budget so that your money doesn’t go down the drain.

Yes, there are some prohibited cannabis marketing agencies in the US so you shoud be careful while picking a decent one.

Now you have a list of the best cannabis marketing agencies and know who to turn to if your marketing efforts are not paying off.

Good luck!

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