B2B Lead Generation: 15 Tools to Try Out in 2024

Как привлекать лидов

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B2B lead generation is a challenge. Full stop. However, we should all deal with it, right?

To ensure the continuous inflow of B2B leads, boost sales, scale up, and not burn out, one should automate.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of tools that can help you automate B2B lead generation at each stage: from prospect list building to improving landing page conversion rates.

We at Signum.ai decided to prevent you from blowing your head off and selected random tools worth testing.

Here are a bunch of tools that companies may try out in 2024.

15 Tools to Boost B2B Lead Generation in 2024

We’ll roughly categorize the solutions listed to keep them organized. Most of them, though, have a wider functionality, so explore the websites in detail.

Ok-ok, we won’t drag it out any longer. Enjoy! 🙂

Lead Generation & Contact List Building

Leadfeeder – Who Is Here?

Leadfeeder provides detailed information about companies using your webpage. This website visitor tracking software lets you discover who visited your website, why, and what was the source of traffic. Don’t miss any users who showed even a bit of interest.

Linkedhelper – Grow Your B2B Network

How can you increase the number of your target connections on LinkedIn? How can you increase the growth of your LinkedIn network? LinkedHelper can assist you in boosting LinkedIn lead generation and reaching out to the leads you collect.

Sumo – Capture Emails and Boost B2B Lead Generation

We won’t stop repeating: your contact form is essential. Make your potential customers leave an email. Sumo allows you to implement numerous variations of popup email collection fields, share tools, and use smart bars.

Email Outreach and Marketing Tools

Signum.ai – Maximize Sales Momentum

Track your clients’ actions like social media activity and job changes to see who’s ready to buy. Use this insight to boost sales and strengthen customer connections.

Reply.io – Build a Killer Email Marketing Strategy

Got the verified emails of your target businesses? Cool then! Use these emails to run an effective outreach campaign. Reply.io can assist you with that and provide comprehensive statistics so that you can analyze your progress or prevent further mistakes.

Woodpecker.co – Multitouch Business Conversations

This tool helps you automate B2B outreach campaigns and ensure excellent email deliverability. Advanced algorithms, relevancy, rapidness, personalization, uniqueness. Everything that we all love.

Websites & Landing Pages

Unbounce – Create a Tip-Top Landing Page to Increase Your B2B Sales

A professional landing page is a foundation of an effective inbound lead generation strategy. Unbounce can make your B2B product shine with a well-optimized and perfectly designed website that will boost more conversion.

Instapage – Where Conversions Happen

Website traffic doesn’t convert? Instapage may help you out. This tool creates simple, intuitive, and mobile-optimized landing pages so that you can make your site even better with useful heatmaps, multivariate testing, and other features.

Customer Communication Management

Intercom – Invite Your Customers for a Chat

Customers visiting your website are precious. Either they’re just strangers that came across you or users genuinely interested in your product. Just do not miss them. Intercom helps you build relationships with your customers via chatbots, product tours, and other eye-catching features.

Mobilemonkey – Simplify Customer Communication

Multichannel communication is essential, but phone, email, chats, messengers, SMS… It cannot be easy to manage all these tools to stay connected with your clients. Mobilemonkey, a chatbot platform for B2B lead generation and customer support, addresses the issue perfectly, and simplifies customer communication.

“Control Centers” & All-in-One Tools

Keap – Make Every Client Special

A nice tool to combine CRM & marketing. Keap helps to both collect customer data through the landing pages, manage it via CRM, and send personalized emails & messages to make leads feel special.

Hootsuite – Manage Your Daily Social Media Routine

Improving B2B lead generation requires you to build a social media presence. This ultimate software allows you to manage and automate your social media activity, track its performance and get new insights.

Phantombuster – Automate Everything

This service can automate data collecting, social activity, and pretty much every single action you’re going to take on the web. With Phantombuster you can build automated workflows and cut down the time spent on lead generation.

Customer Experience

Qualaroo Nudges – Ask Your Leads

Understanding your customers’ needs is the cornerstone of your success. Qualaroo suggests that you ask your prospects what they think. Build surveys to get product feedback, figure out users’ impressions, and learn their experience with your service or the reasons they refuse to.

Hotjar – Unique User Experience Data

It seems that you are already tired of the endless numbers. With Hotjar, you can get information on how your leads use your service via exclusive visualization and heatmaps. So bright, so easy, so useful.

Pick a few tools or try out all of them and improve your inbound and outbound B2B lead generation strategies.

Good luck! 🙂

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Try AI-Driven Insights
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