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NFT has been quite a buzzword lately. These digital assets are selling like hotcakes — some for millions of dollars. But what’s all the fuss about? How can they benefit your company? How are other brands using NFT to boost their revenue? How can you develop an NFT Marketing campaign?

Signum.AI is here to explain everything. 🙂 Let’s delve into the details.

Before moving to NFT Marketing, What does NFT even mean, for God’s sake?!

First things first, NFTs are not a cryptocurrency. Yes, they are in some way identical to Bitcoin and Ethereum (which are also bought & sold online & exist on a blockchain), but they’re not the same thing.

The main difference? NFTs are non-fungible tokens (hence the name). In other words, they can’t be exchanged for an item of the same kind.

Imagine this: you lend a friend a hundred dollars with one bill. A couple days later, he comes to you with two fifty dollar bills. Everyone’s happy, and the debt is paid off, because why? That’s right: money’s interchangeable.

Now think of another situation. Your pal’s going on a date with a girl who’s into dogs and asks to borrow your German Shepherd puppy for a day. The next morning, he returns an utterly different pet — a lab retriever. Every dog is unique and can’t be exchanged, right? So are NFTs.

Simply put, NFTs certify you as the owner of a specific digital item such as photos, paintings, videos, game skins, collectibles, even tweets). But NFTs aren’t just for art-lovers. Brands use them, too (spoiler: it’s smart of them).

The Value of NFTs for Brands

Since NFT assets are a big trend right now, brands aren’t missing their chance to take advantage of them (and you shouldn’t either!).

NFTs are super versatile and can be used for pretty much anything. Companies often apply this one-of-a-kind virtual money to sell and buy digital files (like photos, video and audio), but there are so many other ways to exploit these assets. For example, you could use them to represent virtual fashion items like clothes and shoes, GIFs or even digital real estate property.

At this point, you might have a hard time imagining how NFTs can be tied to your marketing strategy. Trust us, there are plenty of ways. Thanks to NFT’s recent spike in popularity and the industry’s gradual yet steady growth, we now have more opportunities for leveling up our customer interaction and brand storytelling strategies.

In a nutshell, with NFTs, you can enhance conversions and boost your income by:

raising brand awareness

creating extraordinary brand experiences

fostering customer interaction

drawing attention to your company & products

Feeling the excitement yet? Let’s take a look at some brands that are using NFTs in their marketing campaigns.

How Brands Are Using NFTs to Boost Their Revenue

The reason NFTs are such a hot topic right now is that they can (and will, if done correctly) bring in staggering amounts of money. You don’t even have to buy art or videos to jump on the NFT bandwagon. They’re for everybody, no matter the industry.

How can you do it? The golden rule is: attract attention through original and unheard-of campaigns. Here’s some inspo:

Pizza Hut

Can you imagine selling a meal for over $8,000? Well, Pizza Hut did. Digitally, of course. They launched an unprecedented non-fungible pizza, virtually selling images of each slice every week.

Credits to Eater


Even tweets can be sold as NFTs. For example, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put his first-ever tweet up for an auction and ended up getting $3.8 million for it.

Credits to @jack

Taco Bell

Taco Bell boosted their marketing game by selling taco-themed NFT GIFs on Rarible (an NFT online market). The initial price for each GIF started at $1, but eventually, they all sold for thousands of dollars in just 30 min. Good thinking, Taco Bell!


Pringles went even further: they created a virtual flavor of chips — “CryptoCrisp.” And the best part — it sold for more than $2000.

Credits to Hypebeast


NFT isn’t just for large companies, though. And RTFKT is proof of that. The young brand designed an NFT sneaker and put it up for an auction. It sold for….drum roll…$28,000! Not a bad price for a shoe that can’t even be worn, right?

As you can tell, NFT isn’t just for art lovers. It’s a powerful marketing tool for both famous and little-known brands. Just have to grab people’s attention. ?

Credits to JingDaily

How to Market Your NFT Project

Now on to the fun part…

Creators are always on the lookout for ways to advertise their NFT projects. And while marketing one may seem like brain surgery, it’s actually nothing out-of-the-ordinary. The rules for NFT marketing are pretty similar to any other business’, only with a few minor deviations. 😉

So, the one thing you should know about promoting NFT projects: to succeed, invest in a high-quality marketing strategy. In other words, NFT marketing is all about communication.

Remember: clients won’t buy your NFTs unless you tell them why they should. Here are some tips to establish contact and get along with your audience:

Build a Community

It’s a tale as old as time, but still a game-changer.

How do you build a warm audience, though? With a new trend like NFTs, it’s easy as pie: become an expert. Non-fungible tokens are still a novelty, so users want to know more about them.

Share educational content about the pros and cons of NFTs, their value and benefits. This way, you’ll attract relevant leads.

The best platforms for this:





Here are more examples.

Collaborate with Influencers

Yup, don’t forget about influencer marketing. Thought leaders usually have an excellent reputation and can significantly boost your revenue. Find a suitable industry influencer and have them organically mention your NFT project on their social media. 😉

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

It’s a great way to keep your audience tuned in for updates and news on your NFT activity.

Inform your prospects about any sales, new upcoming projects or educational videos. Just don’t be boring and create powerful CTAs. Let emails take your NFT marketing game to a whole new level.

Need a hand in writing compelling content? We’re here for you.

Be Present on Multiple Marketplaces

To sell NFTs, you have to list them on a suitable marketplace. Actually, on more than one — list your tokens on as many relevant online markets as possible.

Some marketplaces are versatile, but others are designed specifically for some project types. For example, MythMarket works best for buying & selling trading cards while AtomicMarket — for atomic assets. So analyze which markets suit your project best and list your NFTs there.

Here are some of the most popular NFT markets:

SuperRare — for digital artworks

Rarible — for crypto assets

NBA TopShot — for NBA collectibles

MakersPlace — for digital creations

Foundation — for digital artworks

OpenSea — for art collectibles, trading cards, sports & domains

Enjin — for blockchain assets

KnownOrigin — for rare digital art

Carry Out AMA Sessions

Regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions are an efficient way to interact with your community. Have them ask you burning questions (about NFT marketing or other topics) that you’ll answer in detail. Maybe even offer rewards for participation.

Youtube channels and Telegram chats work best for this.

Run PPC Campaigns

Self-explanatory, right? Social media and search platforms are a great way to generate warm leads. Platforms you may want to consider for running PPC campaigns are Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube.

Don’t forget to ensure you target the right micro segmented audience that is interested in NFTs at this very moment. Also, create personalized, engaging and just outstanding ad creatives that will perform at 100%. All of this can be done in a click with generative AI based tools.

Make Your Brand Visible Through Content Marketing

Familiarize prospects with your brand via content. But be sure to explain your ideas in simple words.

Any informative content will do the trick. For instance, you could create:


credible research articles

traditional educational blog posts

industry news compilations

interviews with niche thought leaders

NFT marketing life hacks

Think outside the box 😉

Level Up Your Brand’s Visibility Using SEO

How do you expect to sell NFTs if your brand’s not visible on the search list? It’s vital to maintain organic visibility in the specific niche as it helps prospects find you. NFT buyers often use search engine suggestions to decide which companies to invest in.

Among all other SEO life hacks, consider partnering with a relevant SEO agency. In the long run, it might be the best investment.

Make the Most of PR

Press releases (PR) are a powerful tool for sharing information on various platforms. Reach out to various media outlets and have them broadcast your launch. Help users hear about your NFT project. Make it go viral.

Improve Your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Okay, now that you’ve done all of the above, think about conversion rate optimization. If SEO brings users to your pages, CRO’s main function is to get prospects to buy your product.

Do you conduct enough testing? Are there customer reviews and testimonials on your page? Have you thought about your content management system? Maybe you should add a couple of funky pop-ups for user engagement? If you want to be a pro at NFT marketing, think about all of this.

Wrapping Up

There’s clearly a gold rush for NFTs out there. While most companies are just getting familiar with the ropes of it, be the one who makes a breakthrough. Don’t hesitate to create & promote your project. Oh, and educate others about the tokens 😉

Good luck!

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