Top 30 Coursera Digital Marketing Courses: Online and Blended


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Decent marketing knowledge, anyone?

We’ve picked the best digital marketing courses on Coursera that you may want to enroll in (which is vital if you want to keep up with this fast-paced industry).


The Top 30 Courses about Digital Marketing on Coursera

Here are the five groups of courses we picked:

– Content Marketing
– Digital Marketing & SEO
– Marketing Analytics
– Social Media Marketing
– Advertising

Some of the courses are parts of broader programs, so don’t be surprised if they require several months of study.

Well, here we go!

Content Marketing

1. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

This course is presented by a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania Jonah Berger. He is also the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.” The course is based on principles that illustrate how some ideas go viral, products gain popularity, and ad campaigns catch on.

Duration: ~ 4 hours.

2. The Strategy of Content Marketing

This course teaches how to implement content marketing strategies to attract prospects and retain customers. Students learn how to write decent copy following the outlined plan and context. By the end of the course, they will be able to develop, incorporate, and analyze their own content marketing strategy to build a corporate or personal brand.

Duration: ~ 19 hours.

3. Brand & Content Marketing

The Brand & Content Marketing course was created for experienced content marketers who wish to incorporate storytelling to attract new customers. In the ocean of content, only a few creators will build a strong connection with their audience, figuring out the difference between the branded content and standard advertising techniques. Finishing an engaging brand-related story with a motivating CTA is the other skill that you’ll acquire.

Duration: ~ 15 hours.

4. Content, Advertising & Social IMC

The digital world is crowded with info, so delivering engaging content is vital for your brand. Students will learn how to deploy marketing communication strategies effectively and be offered some gamification tips to motivate their target audience to return for more. As a bonus, you’ll learn some recommendations about which ads work on various social media.

Duration: ~ 8 hours.

5. Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization (5 courses)

This is another great course that helps content teams get the most out of their inbound marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to involve any audience with a story-telling approach and maintain communities based on different platforms. rusted professionals and industry experts share best practices about creating relevant and valuable content. At the end of the course, students are welcomed to apply the new skills through the Capstone project.

Duration: ~ 4 months.

6. Storytelling and influencing: Communicate with Impact

Through quizzes, engaging videos, discussions, and writing assignments, students of this course learn how to persuade and motivate the audience. When you know the way people think and feel, you can gently manipulate those thoughts and feelings to support their own ideas. Since this course is a part of the Influencing: Storytelling, Change Management, and Governance Specialization course, students will learn about persuasive techniques, approaching resistance, and building effective communication.

Duration: ~ 18 hours.

Digital Marketing & SEO

7. Introduction to the Digital Advertising Landscape

Digital marketers are challenged by various ad types: video, audio, social media, search, native, etc. And this course teaches advertising landscapes: DSPs (demand-side platforms), DMPs (data management platforms), SSPs (supply-side platforms), and advertising agencies. You’ll learn the pros and cons of digital platforms, be able to identify basic ad types, and operate the key terms and metrics.

Duration: ~ 14 hours.

8. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

The variety of digital channels requires the development of a profound marketing strategy. And this course teaches how to work out a great one. It also shares principles that help businesses segment their target audience. You’ll critically assess the role of popular social media in influencer marketing and viral campaigns. Students will learn to measure their ad campaigns, detect potential risks and be able to manage ads effectively.

Duration: ~ 20 hours.

9. E-Marketing Specialization (3 courses)

This course uncovers techniques and approaches that help to find and connect to your target audience. The areas of study cover website optimization, marketing through search engines, and various platforms, including microsites. You’ll also learn about mobile-first marketing concepts and how to deploy analytical instruments to track conversions. Upon completion, students will easily design a marketing strategy that can be used to attract an audience and promote any business.

Duration: ~ 3 months.

10. Marketing in a Digital World

This course is the first in the Digital Marketing Specialization series. And if you want to find out what the MBA degree is about, take this course, since it’s also a part of an online MBA degree offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The course stresses that in the era of the internet and smartphones, digital instruments dictate how companies should cooperate with their consumers. From the lectures, students learn how each tool helps develop and distribute products and how customers can influence the pricing policy.

Duration: ~ 28 hours.

11. Introduction to Google SEO

Every marketer needs to understand the principles behind Google and other search engines: why do some pages appear on the first page while others don’t? How do you bend the algorithm to your will? Introduction to Google SEO course familiarises you with these algorithms and aggressive keyword techniques penalized by Google. Here you will learn essential SEO tactics that grow organic traffic to websites and landing pages and utilize new approaches for increasing search rank.

Duration: ~ 14 hours.

12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (5 courses)

While uncovering the technical part of the search engines, this course offers you real-world skills that can be incorporated into your digital marketing career to boost it. Students will learn about on and off-page optimization and how to create content for specific audiences. They will also be able to conduct audits of websites and synchronize SEO and business strategies. After the course, students will understand the importance of establishing relationships with clients and influencers and know how to build these strong partner ties.

Duration: ~ 5 months.

Marketing Analytics

13. Marketing Analytics

A real challenge for a marketer is not to collect data about customers but to know how to turn it into justified decisions. This course teaches how to measure and analyze your audience and then apply the retrieved information to increase ROI (return on investment). Students will also be able to design and test various marketing campaigns. So, after the course, predicting the audience reaction using multiple analytical tools won’t be an issue for you.

Duration: ~ 16 hours.

14. Applying Data Analytics in Marketing

Here, you will see how the statistical data numbers stand behind digital creativity. This course wants to equip managers and marketers with analytical tools to help their businesses take on real challenges. Students will learn the quickest and most effective ways to accumulate, evaluate, and present the marketing analytics and use this data for making numbers-based decisions. With this course, the science of business analytics will finally be mastered.

Duration: ~ 17 hours.

15. Customer Analytics

Top marketing professors of Wharton share the key spheres to analyze customer behavior. These include descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, as well as ways of their real-life implementation. You will see cases of many giants like Amazon, Starbucks, and Google. Students will learn how to use past decisions (buying and browsing patterns, shopping carts) to estimate a customer’s future purchases.

Duration: ~ 12 hours.

16. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

This course reveals the beauty of AI in marketing strategies, talking about its three main components: data, algorithms, and networks. You’ll learn how any business can benefit from using AI and start its digital transformation. The relevant examples of top companies like Netflix or the Washington Post demonstrate that machines can help enterprises to sell creatively. Learn more about what AI Relationship Moments are and how they are personalized to customers.

Duration: ~ 11 hours.

17. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate (8 courses)

This course will prepare you for a data analytics job, even if you have no experience. Designed by Google professionals, it combines theoretical lessons with hours of real-life cases. You will enjoy the interactive environment and original content delivered by Google experts. Through videos and engaging assignments, students learn R programming, SQL, spreadsheets and master essential analytical skills.

Duration: ~ 6 months.

18. Foundation of Marketing Analytics Specialization (6 courses)

Another great course that teaches how to detect, structure, and visualize marketing data that helps business owners to assess risks and justify their decisions. Foundation of Marketing Analytics goes deeper, demonstrating the pairwise relationships between key variables and revealing unexpected customer insights. At the end of the program, students will have to create and verify a predictive model that answers marketing questions.

Duration: ~ 7 months.

Social Media Marketing

19. Introduction to Social Media Marketing

This is the first set of lectures from Facebook that teaches the history and basics of social media marketing, showing the landscape of social and digital channels (see the entire program in #21). You’ll understand how the most popular platforms function and why they are vital for promoting your brand. After the course, students will be able to draft corporate social media policies, set relevant SMART goals and appropriate KPIs. Along with that, the course teaches to identify target audiences and trace their customer journey.

Duration: ~ 15 hours.

20. Social Media Management

This is the next part of the Facebook Social Media Marketing Course (#21). Here, students learn to arrange regular content generation using plans and calendars, start to analyze and moderate posts, and understand how to make them more effective. You’ll find out how to choose the proper tone and voice of a social media channel and have it optimized for your brand through a content management project.

Duration: ~ 12 hours.

21. Facebook Social Media Marketing (6 courses)

If you have more time to study, consider taking the complete program from Facebook dedicated to marketing. It comprises six relevant courses that will be equally valuable for experienced digital marketers and people unfamiliar with the industry. Students will learn to create and maintain accounts on the top social media platforms. You will apply and improve your skills through ad campaigns to ensure a successful online presence. Check the ins and outs of every social network and get Coursera and Facebook Certification after passing the exam.

Duration: ~ 7 months.

22. Social Media Marketing (6 courses)

Social media channels influence the buying decisions of most businesses and consumers. That’s why becoming a social media authority is vital. This course gives you the resources to build a successful marketing strategy from scratch. Students learn to collect insightful consumer data and analyze the fundamental ratios and metrics. Social Media Marketing consists of five topic-related courses that are regularly updated.

Duration: ~ 7 months.

23. Social Media Marketing in Practice (4 courses)

This series of courses dedicated to Digital Marketing shares how in 2021, businesses can engage their audience through social media. Uncovering basic principles of digital transformation, these lectures teach you to utilize Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to communicate with prospects and customers. Upon completion, students receive Coursera and the Digital Marketing Institute Certificate plus three months of free membership in a 130k community.

Duration: ~ 4 months.

24. Social Media Advertising

This is the third course (out of four) within the Digital Advertising Strategy Specialization (#25 on our list). Since digital advertising is exercised in every marketing strategy, it’s better to unpack all the features of social media ad campaigns with the help of this course. You’ll learn how to advertise effectively (tailor ads around users’ likes and clicks) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and get familiar with retargeting and lookalike modeling techniques.

Duration: ~ 11 hours.

Digital Advertising

25. Digital Advertising Strategy (4 courses)

The whole course is aimed at small businesses so they can create ad campaigns on nearly zero budgets and with no design skills. Students will learn Google Ads, three popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and the Taboola native advertising tool. They will also be able to evaluate ad performance metrics towards set business goals. Once you complete the course, you’ll get the Google Ads Search Certificate through the Trade Desk.

Duration: ~ 5 months.

26. Influencer Marketing Strategy

This course is focused on tactics and the strategy of influencer marketing. Students will learn how to pick up a suitable method for promoting any personal, business, or nonprofit organization’s brand with the help of industry authorities. Since identifying influencers is challenging, the professor will give three comprehensive tools to get this task done. Upon completion of the course, students are asked to prepare a project to demonstrate their new competencies and be ready to employ them in their job.

Duration: ~ 23 hours.

27. Google Ads for Beginners

This compact course teaches students to create Google Ads accounts and set core settings: ad groups, conversion tracking, and structure of the campaigns. You’ll also learn how to find relevant keywords, use the dashboard, create engaging ad campaigns, and generate profits. This course does not require familiarity with the tool, so it’s beginner-friendly.

Duration: ~ 2 hours.

28. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

Businesses have a variety of digital instruments to reach their customers. And this course teaches students how to use the data that can be collected through digital channels and use it to target audiences better. Students will develop their own marketing strategy using content and social media accounts after finishing the 5th part of the Digital Marketing Program. You’ll learn how to combine different media channels effectively: paid, earned, shared, etc. You’ll also be able to identify risks and assess ad campaigns performance.

Duration: ~ 20 hours.

29. Native Advertising

The last course in the Digital Advertising Strategy Course (#25) teaches how to leverage the niche ads: entertainment and news. This format is aimed at warming your audience. Students will learn how to persuade potential customers that the product or service is worth buying. You’ll learn to generate and seed your own native content that will grow revenues from an engaging case study of a travel startup.

Duration: ~ 7 hours.

30. Search Advertising

The second course of the Digital Advertising Strategy Series (#25) is sharing how to incorporate your ad into the organic search results successfully. Students will find out how small businesses with tight budgets can benefit from tailored search campaigns. The instructors use the official Google Ad Search training materials to ensure that students get the official Google Ad Search Certificate.

Duration: ~ 10 hours.


Have you already seen a couple of appropriate courses to take? Well, don’t wait for the proper time to start take them on today!

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