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It’s not big news that since spring 2021, Apple has updated its privacy policy a few times already. With iOS 14.5, which became available on April 26, users got an option to opt out of any data collection and tracking in apps like Facebook and Instagram.

But what you might not know is that an unexpectedly significant amount of users (more than 96%) chose to opt out. And obviously, users’ data such as age, location, spending habits and browsing history became inaccessible to advertisers, dropping ad performance drastically.

But don’t get too upset. There are heaps of Facebook targeting tools to choose from that can help you overcome the hurdles of the new data privacy policy, and we are just about to tell you all about them. So keep reading!

1. Signum.AI

Just recently, Signum.AI released the beta version of their software that will help you improve Facebook ad campaigns’ efficiency. The cool thing is it’s not only about targeting. With one tool and just a few clicks, you’ll be able to do it all — create micro-segmented audiences, brainstorm and structure posts using an AI content generator, and design and run campaigns.

And perhaps most importantly for our post-cookie world, Signum.AI will find a perfect match for your product or service even if your audience is very narrow and quite specific. Thus you get an all-in-one tool that will reduce CAC and CPR while boosting ad conversions. And most importantly, all user data will remain private and in compliance with privacy policies.

Pricing: trial period, no credit card required.

2. Madgics

This all-in-one tool was explicitly created for launching advertising campaigns on Facebook. It will identify the best-performing elements in your ads, optimize your copy, find lookalike audiences, set up a targeting strategy, and much more just in a matter of clicks.

Pricing: from $49/month, 7-day free trial available

3. Trapica

If you want to get more visibility about age, gender and location of users, this platform is the one to choose. It will provide you with all the insights and more. You will get full automation, budget scaling and bidding opportunities, and be able to run A/B tests to ensure your ads perform at the very best.

Pricing: upon request, demo version available

4. Sendinblue

If you want to find leads similar to your best customers, don’t take too long and try Sendinblue. The process is simple — you build an ad creative, define its duration and budget and boom! — the software will find new leads using Facebook’s lookalike audience feature in a few seconds.

Pricing: free version available, plans start from $25/month, demo version available

5. Enhencer

If you want to increase the ROAS (return on ad spend) of your Facebook Ads for eCommerce, don’t hesitate to try this software. Its powerful machine-learning algorithms will not only deliver AI-based transparent audiences or lookalikes that are most likely to buy from you, but also present all the information about segments in detail so that you know exactly who you are targeting before launching the campaign, and you don’t waste your marketing dollars.

Pricing: from $489/month, free version available

6. Adtrackify

This software is guaranteed to fix iOS related tracking issues, improve Facebook match quality and ensure a proper pixel set up (a code that you place on your website that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads). As a result, you get more conversions for your ad campaigns.

Pricing: from $9.99/month, demo version available

7. AdTargeting

Are you struggling with accurate audience targeting? Do you want your Facebook ads to reach more users and bring more conversions? There’s a reason for that — Facebook built-in interests are pretty limited. To cast a wider web, you’d better try AdTargeting, a Facebook interest targeting tool that will discover your potential customers’ hidden or niche interests and find your competitors’ audiences.

Pricing: basic plan from $9/month, free version available


Even if your text copy and images are perfect, if you target an audience isn’t interested in your products, you are probably wasting your time. So instead of reaching the wrong users, check out another Facebook interest targeting tool. will reveal more than 1000 Facebook hidden interests and display audience sizes so you can choose the best fits and start targeting right away! Apart from that, they also have retargeting and lead scoring solutions so that you’ll get it all covered.

Pricing: $47/month

9. RetargetApp

Created specifically for eCommerce businesses, this platform will help you set up and automate an entire funnel of effective Facebook ads. And on top of that, it can seamlessly overcome the limitations of the iOS 14 update, reaching your customers both on desktop and mobile devices based on their interests and previous purchasing behaviour.

Pricing: from $19/month, 14-day free trial

10. Wix eCommerce

Did you know that Wix, a popular website building platform, has its own Facebook ad tool designed especially for eCommerce? So if you already have an online store built on Wix or thinking about creating one, definitely go for it. Once connected, your visitors can tap your photos on Facebook to purchase from the store directly.

The software is super easy to use. You create ads and let the algorithms handle the rest — from defining target audiences and reaching them to A/B testing and controlling budgets. And don’t worry, your ads will be automatically optimized to bring you the best results!

Pricing: from $17/month with a website builder tool included

11. Faraday ai

This all-in-one platform is explicitly designed to predict consumer behavior and use these predictions to create Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Having lookalikes, you can easily craft your campaigns to deliver hyper-personalized content that drives more conversions than ever before.

Pricing: upon request, free trial available

12. Emplifi

​​Emplifi has recently announced the launch of Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud, a tool that offers valuable insights into your potential customer interests, behaviors, and personalized content based on engagement. Having that, you can tailor Facebook ad campaigns that meet user expectations in a matter of clicks. And most important — you can easily integrate these AI-created ads with Facebook and Instagram Shops.

Pricing: demo upon request

13. Adjust

If you’re an app developer and want to overcome the hurdles of iOS 14 as well as keep track of your Facebook ads performance and leverage user-level data, try out Adjust. This software offers you a solid opt-in strategy that delivers the attribution data you’re used to. As a result, you can build and update your audiences and create campaigns to reach the users you want without violating their privacy.

Pricing: upon request, demo version available

14. Mailchimp

We bet that you’ve heard of Mailchimp but probably as an email marketing automation tool. But you’ll be glad to know that this trusted developer now has a tool that will help you to find new leads similar to your best customers based on your CRM data and their audience network worth 4 billion members.

Pricing: free plan available, standard plan starts from $14.99

15. Adscook

This software doesn’t provide a ready to use and fully automated solution to bypass iOS 14 data privacy limitations. But they know how to combine such variables as audience interests, ad images, copy and devices to create ads that convert. And most importantly, all the scenarios can be tested and adjusted, so you are never taking a shot in the dark.

Pricing: from $29/month, 30-day free trial

Wrapping Up

Yes, the latest Apple data privacy updates have impacted the deliverability of Facebook ads to the best audiences and limited the potential of retargeting for outside email visitors. But building your campaigns based on lookalikes remains a highly effective strategy if they are built from permission-driven email lists or using a micro-segmented audience marketplace.

And don’t take it too hard. The limitations are not almighty. First, part of your target audience is still operating on non-Apple devices. Second, Facebook isn’t sitting around. They‘ve announced the development of the next-generation digital ads that will still target users and preserve their anonymity. And after all, bot Facebook and Instagram will still be tracking user activities within the applications.

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