Why You Need a B2B Marketing & Sales Podcast and How to Launch One (Plus the Top 8 Relevant Podcasts)

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When it comes to developing business, accelerating sales, conquering the market, and building brand image, one should do rather than talk. But what if you combine both? Literally, you can do all of the above by talking.

That’s all about podcasting!

In this article, we explain how you can benefit from running a B2B sales & marketing podcast and provide a step-by-step guide on how to launch one. Also, we’ll share 8 topic-related podcasts that you can learn from and get inspired!

B2B Marketing and Sales Podcast: What For?

Wondering why you should launch a podcast? Here are the key reasons:

1. Attract inbound leads

Podcasting is a popular and worthy way of attracting new leads. People like listening to episodes since it’s extremely convenient and engaging (well, ideally).

By switching on your charisma, covering the topics your target audience is interested in, and actively spreading your episodes across the web, you’ll catch the attention of thousands of people.

Share tips on how a company can scale, discuss case studies, and share sales and marketing related insights. In a word, let business owners and marketing and sales specialists benefit from solid recommendations.

Once your content is high-quality, engaging, informative, vivid and valuable, your audience will listen, follow you on social media, and share your episodes on their social media and in topic-related communities. So, you’ll get a solid magnet for prospects!

Also, in this niche, the competition isn’t as savage as in the written content area: articles are easier to produce, and their number significantly exceeds the number of podcast episodes.

2. Boost networking

Having a podcast is a perfect and legitimate reason for reaching out to industry leaders and influencers. Who wouldn’t take part in a podcast, share an expert opinion, and get more famous among the public? 🙂 Since it’s a win-win situation, you are likely to engage professionals. Thus, your audience will have an opportunity to hear engaging stories first-hand and get advice from an expert, while you will not only boost traffic (some guests will definitely spread the episode they were featured in over the social media), but also boost networking and connect with influencers and industry leaders.

However, don’t be overwhelmed by having a famous guest. Always stick to your audience’s interests: ask questions that your listeners would like to ask.

As for the audience itself, spreading your podcasts around social media and initiating the discussion in comments, you might engage new professionals and acquire more valuable connections. What if a podcast guru notices you and suggests launching an episode together?

3. Gain authority

Let’s suppose your podcasts sound professional, feature influencers, and become more and more popular. What happens next? Correct! Your authority increases. Over time, your B2B sales & marketing series will help to build your image and acquire a decent reputation. By covering distinct and topical issues, sharing your experience, you’ll be showcasing your expertise and getting higher credibility among your audience. Apart from the content, you’ll have a chance to build your brand image through your charisma, voice, speech, and sense of humor, which is much more difficult to achieve via texts.

Launching a B2B Marketing and Sales Podcast: Key Steps

Ready to launch your own podcast? Here are the five steps to follow.

1. Choose a topic and a name

B2B marketing and sales is the key focus of your podcast; however, that’s too broad, isn’t it? Generate more specific ideas and make sure you have enough topics for at least 20 episodes. Say, the first episode covers marketing automation, the second one inbound marketing techniques. You will need to plan each show by sticking to one concept.

As for a podcast name, it should be relevant, catchy, and memorable. The same goes with the episode titles that can be also SEO optimized. Meeting all the criteria is quite challenging, huh? In 2024, you can ask Artificial Intelligence to do it for you. Using AI content generation tools you can type a couple of keywords and enjoy a proper, automatically generated name or topic idea.

2. Pick a format

If you don’t sound confident yet, run a podcast with a co-host or arrange multi-host episodes. It can help you make the show dynamic, vivid, and conversational. Maintaining a dialogue and sharing ideas and opinions encourage discussions this is something that you can never achieve in a solo format. And it does truly attract listeners. Your business partner or colleague can be an ideal co-host, at least for the first few episodes.

Feeling 100% confident? Go for the solo format. It’s easily accessible from a technical perspective, and it can be done in various ways: answering questions, commenting on news or events.

Interviews are also popular, but this option requires more preparations: first of all, searching for a respondent and developing a list of questions. You also have to be a good interviewer and a brilliant listener, so make sure you feel great playing both roles.

Finally, you can easily mix formats: it will make your podcast much cooler and more engaging.

3. Set length, schedule, and launch days

Researches prove that 20 minutes is the time of your undivided, focused attention. It doesn’t mean that your shows should always be that long for example, it won’t work for interviews or QA sessions. But If you launch a longer episode, catch the attention of your listeners in the beginning, and keep them involved till the very last minute. Don’t go off-topic and don’t get monotonous either.

Publish episodes once a week on Tuesday or Wednesday when people already get into work, but are still not tired. Listening to your episodes will become kind of a weekly tradition or a well-acquired habit.

4. Ensure you have the necessary equipment and software

Though you can start recording with just a smartphone and headphones listeners will accept average sound quality if the content is truly decent a professional microphone is a far better choice. Then you need software that will record your voice, and it’s better to make a recording in a spacey and quiet room, preferably a studio. After you save the MP3 audio, do the edits stabilize volume, add music, delete gaps and eliminate noise. Here is the ultimate guide on how to do it in Audacity.

Naturally, no podcast goes without an intro and outro music and sound effects. Fortunately, there are plenty of web resources and online libraries where one can get them for free and 100% legally.

5. Store and submit

To ensure the best download and streaming speed of your MP3 podcast files, you better store them at media hosts. But before purchasing space, estimate how much storage you will need.

Finally, it’s time to launch! Submit your episode on key streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. With Spotify, you will have to complete a form and wait for the approval. Apple Music requires an RSS feed address, but you only need to initiate the process and follow the instructions.

8 Marketing and Sales Podcasts to Listen to

Take a look at these 10 marketing and sales podcasts and find out how industry leaders engage and educate their audience.

1. The Salesman Podcast is the most downloadable B2B sales podcast.

2. B2B Growth brings a daily portion of growth hacks from industry leaders.

3. B2B Revenue Acceleration offers comprehensive episodes for technology leaders.

4. B2B Revenue Leadership will make you aware of how scientific approaches can help grow revenue.

5. B2B Insights Podcast helps marketing professionals promote their brands with insightful strategies.

6. B2B a CEO teaches technical founders to level up a startup.

7. B2B Sales Questions Show boasts honest answers to sales questions asked on LinkedIn.

8. If You Market gives the stage to industry experts once a week to let them discuss B2B marketing.

Enjoy, get inspired, and impress the market with your excellent episodes! 🙂

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