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The marketing world is constantly being fed with fresh trends, and it can be pretty challenging to keep up with all the recent goings-on.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Here’s our pick of 45 Twitter accounts you should follow to always keep up-to-date with the latest updates in the industry. Here we go! ?


Think with Google

Run by the Google team, this page discusses the latest news about customer behavior, SEO, marketing, analytics, statistical data and even Youtube trends. The company also invites top-notch guests to talk about their marketing insights. Valuable info by a first-rate brand put in simple words.


Buffer’s main focus is social media. The company emphasizes the importance of being present on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other commonly used platforms. Buffer also gives recommendations on how to build a consistent and organic social media strategy.

Search Engine Journal

This one is a must-follow for SEO pros and digital marketers. The company is always the first to share the latest news in the industry. Other topics include PPC, content creation and social media.


Ogilvy is like a good friend that boosts your self-esteem. The agency specializes in helping companies stand out and build one-of-a-kind personal brands. Topics include creativity, advertising and marketing.


Yes, this famous SaaS platform is on the list, too! They often post helpful marketing tips and help brands increase online visibility through SEO, social media and analytics. Lots of tips, charts and statistics here.

P.S. They sure know a thing or two about great humor, don’t they?

Fast Company

This is one of the biggest marketing communities on the Internet. They’re not really about practical tips or step-by-step guides. Instead, try perceiving FC as a huge news portal that will tell you what’s going on in the world in general. They share news on a wide variety of topics, so you can find pretty much anything here.

Google is sharing priceless data yet again. This official account gives us an insider look into the world of PPC, Google Ads, and lead generation & management. It’s all about the latest trends with regard to Google Ads.


This account is a treasure for digital marketers. Readers love Digiday for its honest and unprecedented look at the world of marketing and digital media. You know, 184K subscribers don’t lie! 🙂

Search Engine Watch

Self-explanatory, right? With over 210K followers, this service offers precious insights into topics like PPC, SEO, digital advertising, data analytics and other marketing-related stuff. Even their motto says, “The longest-running search industry resource in the world.”

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used by literally every digital marketer out there, which makes it a must-follow account for all marketing fans. Follow this page for the newest updates concerning the Google Analytics tool. Handy tips and lifehacks are also included!

Social Media Today

There’s no better way to keep up with social media updates. Social Media Today is a marketing-focused account that offers plenty of insights and ideas for your SMM strategy. They often invite thought leaders and industry experts to share their experiences via interviews.

P.S. Check out their newsletter if you want to be the first who gets notified about the latest news. 🙂


This channel boasts 7.5M followers! Still not convincing enough? Well, how’s this? The account posts vetted tips, practical guides and data-driven infographics to help you boost your social media marketing game. Seasoned with a great sense of humor.


A real pro at landing pages, conversions and lead generation. A goldmine for copywriters, designers and digital marketers. If you ever get confused about why your landing pages don’t work, consider checking out Unbounce’s Twitter account—chances are high that it’ll help you solve the issue.

Social Media Examiner

The platform is here to “help you navigate the constantly changing social media jungle.”
With more than half a million subscribers, SMExaminer gives super helpful tips for using every social media platform there is (yes, Snapchat’s on the list, too!). Anyways, the page is stuffed with proven life hack compilations.


We’re all familiar with the famous CRM system service. But did you know that on their Twitter account, they also run single-question surveys regarding marketing, the B2B sector and investments? After a while, they sum up and share the results of these surveys in separate tweets. Pretty useful, considering their over-800K audience, don’t you think?

Content Marketing Institute

As you can tell from the name, this is a content marketing channel. So follow Content Marketing Institute if things like email copy, website content and landing pages ring a bell for you. Heaven for content marketers.

Search Engine Land

A lot of updates and analyses on Google algorithms. Other topics include Facebook testing, PPC campaigns, search optimization, Yahoo ads and Webmaster tools. We could say many more great things about Search Engine Land, but you’ better check it out yourself.


Ecommerce couldn’t be more prosperous these days (due to Covid-19). Good thing pages like Econsultancy are here to tell us about the ins and outs of the niche.

The channel talks about the latest updates concerning trending events (like European Super League & and coronavirus) as well as their impact on small and big online businesses.

Marketing Week

One of the must-follow accounts for marketers. The page offers a bunch of insights about marketing and business management (accompanied by awesome visuals). Especially useful for B2B folks.


We couldn’t leave this account without attention. Grammarly must be the most prominent platform specialized in content optimization. In their Twitter account, they discuss common mistakes (based on their own statistical data), give handy tips on sounding more confident and share insider life hacks to write better blogs, emails and social media posts.


Rand Fishkin

Rand is the co-founder of several businesses (Moz and SparkToro) and author of the famous “Lost & Founder” book. On his Twitter page, he shares tips on launching a startup, SEO-optimizing your content and digital marketing in general.

His 444K followers enjoy not just his own tweets but also must-read retweets from top-notch marketing specialists around the world.

Lee Odden

Lee Odden is a real B2B guru. He’s spent years in digital marketing and is now sharing his career experience with his followers. Odden particularly discusses influencer marketing, SEO, PR, the power of social media and, of course, content marketing. Relevant both for small and big companies.

AJ Ghergich

His bio says: “I share articles, guides, case studies and cat gifs.”

AJ is your SEO, SEM and content marketing consultant. On his account, he shares all sorts of marketing insights: from engagement reports to trending videos. The range of topics he covers is quite broad, so we recommend using hashtags to filter through his tweets and find only the info that’s relevant for you.

Ann Handley

Handley is the Head of Content at MarketingProfs and a best-selling author. If you’re looking for a real content marketing veteran, go check out her account. It’s crowded with user-friendly step-by-step guides, tutorials and advice to improve your content journey.


John is a search advocate at Google. He often shares vetted tips on using SEO optimization and data analytics to boost your performance. What else? John often reposts relevant tweets from the field specialists so you never miss any updates.

Jay Baer

Jay is the founder and president of a marketing company named Convince & Convert. It’s his job to ensure an enjoyable customer journey, create relevant and engaging content and attract new leads through social media and influencer marketing. So if you’re looking to explore any of these topics, feel free to rely on Jay’s experience.

Harry’s Marketing Examples

This channel’s power is visuals. The account is awash with colorful and vivid illustrations that pair up with useful info. Harry’s Marketing Examples is a terrific source of practical examples, case study analyses and copywriting advice.

It’s super easy to digest, which makes it a must-follow page for marketing newbies. Run by Harry Dry.

Chris Brogan

This name may sound familiar to you as Chris Brogan is a New York Times best-selling author. When it comes to building an effective online presence, he knows it all. In his Twitter account, he brings up topics like business and strategic planning.

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is an internationally known SEO consultant, speaker, author and founder. She’ll help you boost your conversions, attract warm leads and increase your organic search. She often posts helpful guides and talks about updates in the industry.

Amy Porterfield

Want to increase your follower base? Then be sure to check this lady’s Twitter page, where she talks about the importance of being socially present, ways of increasing the number of followers and the benefits of having an enormous online audience.

Amy posts free info, but if you want more details—take a look at her masterclass.

Joe Pulizzi

Joe is the Content Marketing Institute founder. No need to clarify what he writes about, right? Joe’s feed is full of exciting articles on content creation and ways for leveling it up. He also shares motivational quotes to keep you going when things seem to go downhill. This way or another, Joe’s page is worthy of your attention.

Seth Godin

This man needs no introduction. Over the years, Seth Godin has managed to turn his name into an authentic personal brand. His Twitter account is essentially “a retweet of his blog,” meaning that he only posts links to his own articles.

It’s mostly marketing, social media and business management that he writes about, and the key here is perspective: he looks at sales from a psychological point of view, always putting himself in a customer’s shoes. An absolute must-follow.

Jeff Bullas

The words “social media” are pretty much synonymous with Jeff Bullas’ name. According to Forbes, he’s among the Top 10 social media strategists. But don’t think it’s all he posts about on his Twitter—Bullas is a pro in every topic related to digital marketing.

Eric Siu

A person who will teach you to sell anything. Founder of ClickFlow and Single Grain, he knows a thing or two about running a business using effective marketing strategies.

Neil Patel

Another well-known name here. A co-founder of multiple brands and NYT’s best-selling author, Neil talks about the depths and technical aspects of marketing. Analytics & conversions made easy!

Everyone Hates Marketers

Louis Grenier creates a series of marketing podcasts where he interviews different experts on various business-related topics (from content to product launching). His main goal is to reveal the “secret sauce” needed to make a business stand out. The account is relatively new but already thriving!

Sarah Evans

Founder and CEO who believes that communication is key. In her Twitter feed, she gives suggestions on how to properly convey your idea to a client. Who runs the world? Marketers skilled in psychology, just like Sarah Evans. 🙂

Barry Schwartz

Barry describes himself as a “search geek,” but we’d say he’s a “search guru.” Why? More than 13 years in the field, guys. 🙂 Follow his account for valuable info on search marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk

With 2.3M followers, Gary is a real Internet phenomenon. He has a unique talent for spotting trends before they go viral and make money out of them. For example, these days, he often debates NFTs. 🙂

Over his career, Gary’s had his ups and downs, and he’s currently sharing this experience on his Twitter.

Cyrus Shepard

If you’re still confused about what SEO is and how it works, go to Cyrus’ Twitter page. It’s full of useful info and catchy visuals to help you understand the ropes (or delve into details—if you want).

Andy Crestodina

A co-founder of Orbit Media, this man is a true content expert. Follow him to learn about the dos and don’ts of blogging, content generation and SEO laws. Andy’s tips lead to higher conversions.

Shout Me Loud

This page is run by Harsh Agrawal. Priceless content on blogging, WordPress and SEO. Plenty of helpful guides and articles to help you plunge into the world of marketing.

Pam Moore

Still doubt the power of storytelling? This lady will teach you how to use words to level up your content strategy and scale your business. Make friends with your audience using Pam Moore’s tips and hacks!

Jason Fried

A completely revealing look at the world of entrepreneurship. Jason Fried is the founder and CEO at Basecamp, as well as a serial marketing author. An honest insider look at the entire process of starting and running a company.

Google SearchLiaison

Curated by Danny Sullivan, a public liaison of search, this page answers all your questions about how Google search works. How to increase your visibility on Google? How does it respond to trending events? Is my private data safe with Google? All of these topics are brought up on Google SearchLiaison.

Wrapping Up

Here you go, folks — that’s our list of 45 Twitter accounts on marketing you don’t want to miss. Subscribe, learn and implement the new know-how.

P.S. Are you already following any of them? 🙂

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