Current champion -> Сhange in position

To upsell to an existing champion who already knows you and has been promoted to a new position, you can use the following approach:


1. Update Information: Update the champion’s information, including their new position and contact details if they have changed.


2. Personalized Outreach: Create a personalized message congratulating them on their promotion and emphasize that you are pleased to see their achievements.


3. Value Proposition: Explain how your product or service can benefit them in their new role. Highlight how your solution can help them achieve even greater success.


4. Show Results: Provide examples or success stories of other customers who have achieved significant results using your product or service in a similar position.


5. Offer Consultation: Offer the champion a free consultation or demonstration to show how your product can be the best solution for their new responsibilities.


6. Follow-up: After sending the message, monitor their response and be prepared for further communication and product consultation.


It’s important to emphasize that your approach should be focused on the champion’s benefit and their new position, and you should demonstrate how your solution can enhance their workflow and achievements.

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