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Why it Matters

Reaching out when your champion is promoted is important because it shows you care about their success. It helps you understand their new challenges and how you can support them better. Plus, it’s a good time to explore ways to work together more effectively in their new role. By staying in touch during this time, you strengthen your relationship and avoid any gaps in communication.

How to Use

Sales Potential

Expanded Solutions Package: Offer an expanded range of products or services that align with the increased scope of their new role.

Customized Training and Support: Provide tailored training sessions or dedicated support resources to help them quickly adapt to their new responsibilities and excel in their new position.

Exclusive Access to New Features or Products: Provide early access to new features or products that can specifically address the challenges or opportunities they face in their new role.

Communication Approach

Acknowledge Their Achievement: Begin your communication by congratulating them on their promotion. This sets a positive tone and shows your genuine interest in their success.

Express Support and Interest: Emphasize your continued support and interest in their career journey. Let them know that you are there to assist them as they transition into their new role.

Highlight Past Successes: Remind them of the successful collaboration you’ve had in the past and how it has contributed to their achievements. This reinforces the value of your partnership and encourages further collaboration.

Sample Email

Subject: Congratulations! Let’s Talk Tech Support


Hi {{Name}},

Congratulations on your recent promotion! 🎉

As you step into your new role, we’re here to make your transition smoother. Our tech solutions are designed to help you excel. Let’s chat about how we can support you.


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