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Why it Matters

Reaching out to a former buyer who has recently changed jobs is crucial for nurturing relationships, exploring potential collaborations in a new context, tapping into valuable industry insights, strengthening brand loyalty, and leveraging referral opportunities. By staying connected, you demonstrate your commitment to their success, maintain a competitive edge, and position your company for future business growth.

How to Use

Sales Potential

Company Alignment: Highlight how your products or services align with the goals and objectives of their new company. Emphasize how your offerings can contribute to their success in their new role.

Case Studies: Share relevant case studies or success stories of how your solutions have benefited similar companies in the past. This can help demonstrate the value you can bring to their new organization.

Exclusive Offers: Provide exclusive offers or discounts for their new company as a gesture of goodwill and to incentivize them to consider working with you again.

Communication Approach

Personalization: Tailor your message to the individual buyer, acknowledging their recent career move and expressing genuine interest in their new role and company.

Warmth and Professionalism: Maintain a friendly and professional tone throughout your communication, balancing warmth with professionalism to foster a positive impression.

Curiosity and Openness: Express curiosity about their new company and industry, and be open to learning more about their current needs and priorities.

Sample Email

Subject: Healthcare Solutions for {{New Company}}


Hi {{Name}},

Hope you’re doing well in your new role at {{New Company}}! Just wanted to say congrats on the move.

I thought it’d be great to catch up and see if there are any ways we could support your team. Our healthcare solutions have evolved, and I believe they could be beneficial for you.

Could we schedule a quick chat sometime to discuss? Looking forward to reconnecting!


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