Former champion -> Job change

To re-engage a former buyer who already knows you using the trigger of a change in their company of employment, you can follow these steps:


1. Identify the Trigger: Track changes in the workplace of your former customers. This may involve using monitoring tools or keeping an eye on their social media profiles.


2. Update Contacts: Update the contact information of the former buyer, including their new place of employment and contact details.


3. Personalized Message: Create a personalized message, mentioning that you’ve noticed the changes in their career. Emphasize the connection between your offering and their new role or company.


4. Highlight Benefits: Explain how your product or service can be valuable in their new position or company. Highlight the benefits they can gain by working with you.


5. Provide References: If you have successful clients from their new company or similar industries, provide references as social proof.


6. Action Plan: Propose the next steps, such as inviting them to a free consultation, product demonstration, or a webinar that could be helpful for their new role.


5. Follow-up: After sending the message, track their response and actions. It may take multiple interactions before achieving success.


It’s important to maintain professionalism and respect for the former buyer, considering their interests and needs in their new company.

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