Target company -> Mention of keyword in a new job posting

To make a sale to an existing target company that has posted a vacancy in your desired topic, you can follow these steps:


1. Research the Job Posting: Start by thoroughly researching the job posting. Understand the requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications they are looking for in the candidate they intend to hire. This will help you align your offering with their needs.


2. Identify Relevant Solutions: Determine how your product or service can address the challenges or needs that are likely associated with the vacancy. Tailor your solution to match the job description as closely as possible.


3. Customize Your Pitch: Craft a personalized pitch that highlights how your offering can directly benefit the company in filling the open position. Focus on how it can improve their hiring process, save them time and resources, or provide unique value.


4. Connect with the Right Decision-Makers: Use your existing network or conduct research to identify the key decision-makers or stakeholders involved in the hiring process at the target company. Reach out to them directly.


5. Highlight Success Stories: Share case studies or success stories of how your solution has helped other companies streamline their hiring process, find top talent, or achieve similar objectives. This provides credibility to your pitch.


6. Offer a Demo or Trial: If applicable, offer the company a demo or trial of your product or service. This hands-on experience can demonstrate its value more effectively than words alone.


7. Provide Exceptional Support: Assure the company that you will provide exceptional support throughout the hiring process, from implementation to ongoing assistance. Address any concerns they may have.


8. Follow Up: After your initial contact, follow up regularly but not too aggressively. Building a relationship and staying top-of-mind is important, especially in B2B sales.


9. Negotiate Terms: If the company expresses interest, be prepared to negotiate terms, pricing, and any contractual agreements. Be flexible and open to their needs.


10. Close the Sale: Once all details are agreed upon, close the sale and ensure a smooth onboarding process.


Remember that persistence, a deep understanding of the company’s needs, and a customized approach are key factors in successfully making a sale to an existing target company with a relevant job vacancy.

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