Track your competitor's activities and updates with competitive intelligence
Track your competitors’ activity
Monitor your business competitors: from the website updates and new products
to SERP changes and media mentions.
Platform features
Identify new competitors
Receive notifications of new competitors in your market.
Website Changes and SEO
Follow the changes on the site of your competitors and find new effective SEO-strategies.
Blog posts and social networks
Stay up to date with the latest updates on your competitors' blogs and social networks.
Newsletters and Email Marketing
Receive every email your competitors send to their customers.
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Add information
Put website links of yours and competitors’.
Data collection and analysis
Our algorithms collect and analyze information about your competitors from 1M + data sources.
Get insights
Receive instant notifications about the activity of your competitors.
Adapt products to market requirements. Launch effective ads campaigns and build real data-driven strategies using a powerful AI-tool for competitive intelligence.
The benefits of trend analysis
Launch products that the market really needs
Make profitable investment decisions
Create viral ad campaigns
Build productive go-to-market strategies
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Perfect for individuals willing to stay up-to-date with the trends in the world.
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