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Promote Your NFT
Like a Pro

Use our generative AI-based platform
to market your NFT, stand out in the crowd,
and boost sales in a few clicks.

Simple but effective tool to promote your NFT

We provide a warm audience interested
in NFT

Using the method of entity embedding, we collect a large audience that has invested in NFT before or is currently thinking of purchasing. This is the hyper-relevant target audience that won’t skip your ads. As a result, your campaigns will perform at their highest.

high-converting creative

We’re constantly analyzing NFT ads in your niche, detecting the most efficient creatives in terms. Our AI identifies the best practices by scrutinizing text and images and builds unique creatives just for you. Your banners get more clicks — and NFT sales surge!

Run A/B tests and scale
the best strategies

With the hyper-targeted audience and
high-converting creatives, you get the NFT boosting machine that works in full swing on autopilot. Review your ad set, choose the
high-performing strategy to focus on and scale, and start your Facebook campaign in a couple of clicks.

How it works

The simplest and the most effective way to promote your NFT


Connect your Facebook
Ads account


We generate high-converting creatives


Your NFT is in extraordinary demand!


We provide the customized audience


Run ad campaigns
in a few clicks

How we help our clients

Save up to 1000 working hours

Save up to a hundred working hours that you used to spend starting and managing ad campaigns by automating routine processes.

Boost sales in 2-3 times

Enjoy a guaranteed upsurge in sales by leveling up your ad campaigns and raising the number of clicks and conversions.

Cut up to 96% of expenses

Cut up to 96% of the budget for each ad campaign’s launch by delegating the cost-intensive tasks — audience discovery and ads generation — to Signum AI.

Explore our customers’ success stories

We had experience with Signum.ai's tools while working on the ad campaign for Red Bull, which is one of our clients. The company's solution helped us to parse the audience on Instagram and Facebook, and the results of the ad campaign were truly impressive – the CTR did almost double! Many thanks to Signum.ai for their high-quality and efficient work.

Juliya Bayrasheva

Social Media Ads Manager

Collaborating with Signum.ai was very fruitful – we used the team’s solution to enhance our baby food ad campaign. While parsing the audience (mothers of children under one y.o.), specialists working at Signum.ai have elaborated several hypotheses on how to find relevant accounts on Instagram and also run A/B testing to find out what hypothesis worked the best. As a result, we managed to increase the CTR and the number of orders significantly.

Alex Kondrashtina

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

When engineers, mathematicians, analysts, and marketing specialists get together, there is a high chance of creating an excellent and advanced product. Signum.ai’s team has managed to produce such a one. We have been working with the company for a while, using their solution to make our ad campaigns more efficient. Each month, we parse the audience and run over 50 A/B tests to enhance our ABM-campaigns. The results have been fascinating so far. And there is so much more to come.

Aleksey Kuklin

СEO & President of the European Office

It's not often that you get a chance to meet a team who is so in tune regarding the tech behind their product and so focused on the efficient execution of said tech. Getting the most out of the AI and big data analysis, Signum.ai has created a great solution that we use to find new investors for our fund and send them hyper-personalized offers. As a result, we have fueled our pipeline with over 270+ high-quality leads in a few months.

Serge Milman

Managing Partner at Starta Ventures

For a couple of months, we have been using Signum.ai solutions to optimize our ad campaigns and collect prospects to outreach in the verticals – hemp and pharma. So far, we are more than delighted with the result. Thanks to the team for the individual approach and 24/7 support. With such a toolkit, we have been filling our pipeline with qualified leads, which is $150k+ of the total revenue.

Julia Proisteva

Head of Digital Marketing


Where do you get the audiences?

Microsegmentation is the process of dividing users into super-specific groups based on common attributes, interests, and similar activity on the web. In other words, it means carefully picking hyper-relevant target accounts. The efficiency of ad campaigns targeted to such audiences is much higher.

How much does it cost?

As part of our solution, we provide flat rates based on your expectations. The price starts at $599 per month and includes full access to the entire toolkit: audience segments, creating creatives, launching campaigns, etc.

I want to start working with you. My actions?

Leave a request on our website and our manager will contact you to clarify all the details. After that, you will be invoiced and after payment you will be sent access to the platform, where you can launch your campaigns.

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