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2 July 5 min. read

15 Great Tools For Sales Prospecting and Sales Automation

There are hundreds of robust tools that can help your team generate new customers and scale sales while saving plenty of time. We already tried a lot of them, so here we’ll share the top tools for sales prospecting that Signum.ai recommend trying out.


16 June 5 min. read

Why TikTok Is Now #1 Platform for Brands?

TikTok’s user base significantly aged up with the pandemic. Thus it made TikTok much more attractive for many brands and for creative branded influencer activations. Here you find 10 reasons that explain why TikTok is now #1 platform for brands.


8 June 6 min. read

Where To Find B2B Customers in the Face of COVID-19

Is your business hinged on providing services to the industries that experience the downfall and are cutting their budgets? Here is the list of 10 sectors that experience substantial growth at the moment and that you can consider pivoting your sales to.


8 June 7 min. read

10 Noticeable Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World

The pandemic is reshaping everything from how we work and shop to how we exercise and socialize. Here are 10 trends that are reshaping the present and will likely have a long-lasting and evolving impact on the post-COVID-19 world.